Canada: Man Punches Nurse for Vaccinating His Wife Without His Consent

A wife’s decisions are a man’s responsibility.

He’s going to have to live with this vaxed-out bitch. If he gets a divorce, the court will force him to pay for her medical bills from all of the health problems she develops.


Police in the Canadian province of Quebec are searching for a man they suspect of punching a nurse in the face for giving his wife a COVID-19 vaccine without his consent, a police spokesman said on Wednesday.

The man confronted the female nurse on Monday morning in the office of a pharmacy in the city of Sherbrooke, about 155 kilometers (96 miles) southeast of Montreal, where she was assigned to administer vaccines, police spokesman Martin Carrier said by phone.

“Our suspect went directly into the office and began to yell at the nurse,” Carrier said.

The man appeared to be very shocked that his wife was vaccinated at the pharmacy “without his authorization,” and hit the nurse in the face, Carrier added.

Nurses globally have faced cases of abuse along with suffering burnout on the job in the long fight against COVID-19, health advocates say.

It was not clear whether the suspect opposed vaccinations or whether his wife had in fact been inoculated at the same pharmacy, Carrier said.

All of these people forcing us to do all of these things is triggering an animal violence response in the people.

The system has made it clear that there isn’t going to be any talking. So a certain number of people are just going to turn feral, once the option of talking is removed.

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