Canada Vows to Join Australia in Fight to Make Facebook Pay for News

Facebook has the ability to strike back at these countries in innumerable ways.

Facebook, along with their allies at Google, Apple, Twitter and Amazon, could actually replace the governments of these countries. They can replace the government of any democratic country, and they have lately been flexing their muscles and showing they can break governments of non-democratic countries.

The question is: do they want people to know they can do that? Are they ready to unveil their power to the world?

Daily Mail:

Canada has vowed to become the second country in the world to make Facebook pay for news as the global backlash against the company continues.

Facebook blocked all Australian news content on its service over proposed legislation requiring it and Google to pay fees to Australian publishers for news links.

Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, in charge of crafting similar legislation to be unveiled in coming months, condemned Facebook’s action and said it would not deter the country.

Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault

He said: ‘Canada is at the forefront of this battle. We are really among the first group of countries around the world that are doing this.

I suspect that soon we will have five, ten, 15 countries adopting similar rules. Is Facebook going to cut ties with Germany, with France?

Last year, Canadian media organisations warned of a potential market failure without government action.

They said the Australian approach would permit publishers to recover C$620million (£351million) a year.

Without action, they warned, Canada would lose 700 print journalism jobs out of 3,100 total.

Guilbeault said Canada could adopt the Australian model, which requires Facebook and Google to reach deals to pay news outlets whose links drive activity on their services, or agree on a price through binding arbitration.

Another option is to follow the example of France, which requires large tech platforms to open talks with publishers seeking remuneration for use of news content.

Bill Gates, founder of the government-backed monopoly Microsoft who was able to become a billionaire by playing by the rules of libertarianism while also being subsidized by the government, has been unveiling his power.

He’s been flexing his muscles by simply coming out and ordering the populations of the West to do things.

Mark Zuckerberg could easily start doing that himself if he wanted to. There is no one stopping him. Frankly, he is an autistic person who doesn’t seem to have very much interest in doing that. So it is likely that if he does strike back against these countries trying to make him pay money for destroying local industry, he will do so in a passive aggressive manner.