Canada: White Genocide Flyers Appear in Brampton, Ontario; Hate Crime Investigation Underway

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2015

All the hate in this flyer is unbearable.
All the hate in this flyer is unbearable.

Over this past weekend White genocide flyers were distributed in the Canadian city of Brampton, located in the province of Ontario. Approximately 1,000 homes were targeted.

Ridiculously, yet unsurprisingly, the distribution of the flyers is being investigated as a hate crime.

Brampton Guardian:

The flyer warns about the city’s dwindling ‘European’ population and claiming the decrease is the result of a ‘White Genocide.’

The leaflet titled “They’ll ask you why you didn’t stand on guard” shows a crying baby with his mom superimposed on a world map, which presents a breakdown of ‘freedom in the world in 2015’ across the globe.

The map claims to show the levels of freedom among world populations, dividing them into the categories of free, partly free and not free, declaring “Freedom is a European concept, and it shows – if you think the Canada of today will be the Canada of tomorrow, think again.”

The flyer alleges to show Statistics Canada’s demographics for Brampton, listing the city’s European population as 70.1 percent in 1996, 59.8 percent in 2001, 43 percent 2006 and 32.9 percent in 2011.

Spreading pro-White propaganda is a potential hate crime? Huh?

Well, this did occur in Canada after all, and the Canadian people don’t have the luxury of lax free speech laws.

Methinks that those who are offended are afraid of the truth—that White genocide is a very real phenomenon.

How much longer are you going to put up with White genocide?