No News Might be Good News for You…

For me, when there’s no news, I just have to keep refreshing websites and hope something happens.

There is literally nothing happening.

Do you care about a bombing in Pakistan? I sure as hell don’t.

How about Poland claiming Wagner has returned and is going to sneak across their borders?

Donald Trump using his super PAC to pay legal fees?

Samsung copying the iPhone 15 and adding a titanium shell?

A Texas neighborhood of 3D printed houses?

A bunch more stupid bullshit about Hunter Biden?

Does this sound like important news to anyone here?

After my ten years of working every single day, I almost feel like I should take some days off.

Today would be the day to do it.

There is nothing.

I should have gone to watch Barbie so I could write about that.

Also, quite frankly, I’ve been working on some other projects that have been pretty draining, and that makes it harder to figure out bullshit to write about on a news-less day.