Care Bears Rushing to Protect Illegal Migrants in El Paso, Help Them Invade

Push the button and the Love Police, also known as the Care Bears (formerly the US Border Patrol), will come to assist you shortly.

New York Post:

Migrant deaths while crossing the US-Mexico border have hit 500 this year, with 134 in just one area alone.

Extra Border Patrol agents have been dispatched to the desert west of El Paso, where deaths have skyrocketed in 2023.

Most have died from heat exhaustion during this year’s record breaking temperatures, perishing in the dusty desert expanses which offer little shade or protection from the elements.

“Smugglers were crossing (migrants) during the hottest part of the day, and some just don’t make it,” one agent said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

During one week in August five migrants died of heat exhaustion, federal sources tell The Post, prompting the agents from other areas to be transferred to El Paso, currently the fourth busiest border crossing in the nation.

The vast majority of the area’s 134 deaths are heat-related, the US Border Patrol told The Post. That number is up 88% from 71 deaths last year.

The nationwide total of over 500 in 2023 was first reported by the New York Times.

Normally, human traffickers lay low during the hottest times of the day, opting to sneak migrants across the border when the sun has set and temperatures are coolest.

But this year — Texas’ second hottest on record — heartless cartel smugglers went ahead with illegal crossings despite used triple-dight temperatures in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

The Border Patrol, whose mission is to save all lives on the border regardless as part of its mission to keep it safe, slammed the Mexican cartels for their ruthless tactics.

Whatever racists may claim, the entire purpose of the Border Patrol was always to patrol the border to find illegal immigrants and help them get into America to live on welfare.

That is why the organization was created in the first place.