Chicago Housing Hundreds of Migrants at Busy Airport Behind Black Curtains

We’ve got so many people who want to come to America to experience the joys of our values that we’ve got no place to put all of them!

Well, thankfully, someone thought of the great idea of just storing them at the airport behind curtains until we can get them into homes.

Whites are dying quickly. But they need to die a bit quicker so we can clear their homes out to make room for these REAL Americans.

New York Post:

Chicago leaders are facing backlash over hundreds of migrants being housed at O’Hare International Airport, one of the nation’s busiest airports.

Chicago reporter William Kelly joined “Fox & Friends” Thursday to discuss what the city has been experiencing as a result of the influx of migrants.

More than 400 migrants are reportedly being housed in a section of the airport, hidden from public view behind black curtains, up from 31 at the beginning of August.

Kelly said the airport is one of only 18 migrant shelters in Chicago and that homeless Americans are no longer allowed to stay at the airport.

The city previously struggled with an influx of homeless people at the airport but initiated a crackdown earlier this year after then-Mayor Lori Lightfoot faced criticism.

“Mayor Johnson campaigned as the people’s mayor. Sadly, the people are telling me that he’s the migrants’ mayor,” said Kelly.

Kelly said he does not think the same security and background checks that Americans go through at airports apply to migrants.

What a beautiful sight.

It fills my heart with joy to see so many great Americans all gathered together to celebrate the values that this nation was founded on: $2,200 a month in free cash for illegal immigrants.