CBS Tries to Start Twitter Exit Movement to Punish Elon Musk for Doing Whatever

CBS News has announced that they are going to stop using Twitter in order to punish Elon Musk. However, it is not clear what they are trying to punish him for.

Musk has said that he will not bring back Alex Jones, and Donald Trump’s comeback is dependent on a poll.

These Jews are apparently freaking out over the concept of there being any platform on the internet that is not controlled by hardcore Democrat activists.

Frankly, I think there was a plan when they decided to allow Musk to buy Twitter. They are going to destroy it somehow and start a clone, leaving Musk holding the bag. Or, at least that must be the plan.

The tantrum from CBS and other Jews and women comes after Musk reinstated a few irrelevant accounts that were banned for using the wrong pronouns, including The Babylon Bee and Jordan Peterson.

These people are so whiny. That’s maybe more offensive than the child sex agenda. They have a Jewish child sex agenda that involves doing anal on toddlers and sexually mutilating them, then they whine at everyone who they think wants to take that joy away from them.

It’s like: “Mommy, they’re saying I can’t cut little boys’ dicks off anymore!”

Who died, you gross cunt?

It was one person.

What was her name?

You have bad posture.

This tweet appears to be accurate:

If those white cunts are gone and it’s all just a bunch of Asian guys and one jolly nerd, why can’t Alex Jones come back?

Is it because the ADL put him on a list, Elon?