Mexican President Says “Mexico First,” Mexicans Won’t be Policemen for US Drug Enforcers

I have consistently argued against the dumb theory that drugs are a foreign policy problem. Drugs are always a domestic problem.

With fentanyl, the shit is so cheap to make, dealers can lose something like 99% of packages and still make money. They can therefore send it through the mail, because at least 1 in 100 packages are going to make it through.


Mexico will put its security interests first and won’t fight drug cartels just because the US wants it to, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Friday. While admitting that tens of thousands of people are dying due to drug overdoses in the neighboring country, Obrador insisted that Mexicans will not “act as policemen for any foreign government.”

According to official US data, last year some 70,000 Americans overdosed on the synthetic opioid fentanyl. Washington has named Mexico and China as the primary source countries for the drug and related substances trafficked directly into the US.

“Of course we are going to cooperate in fighting drugs, above all because it has become a very sensitive, very sad humanitarian issue, because a lot of young people are dying in the United States because of fentanyl,” Lopez Obrador told media during a press conference. He noted that it would be a humanitarian effort, highlighting the priority of the security of the homeland. “Mexico First. Our home comes first,” the president said.

Last year, Lopez Obrador pointed out that he considers the overdose crisis to be an internal US problem. “We deeply lament what’s happening in the United States – but why don’t they fight the problem … and more importantly, why don’t they take care of their youth?”, he asked rhetorically.


That’s a pretty good question.

The US will not do anything to take care of the youth, especially given that it is primarily white people dying from these drugs. The government doesn’t care, and they literally hand out needles and refuse to arrest anyone for selling and doing the drugs.

The claim that foreign nations – China and Mexico – are responsible is just a way to skirt responsibility for this issue, to explain away that the US government isn’t doing anything to stop the problem because they don’t have the power. In fact, it would be very easy to simply arrest junkies and put them in camps. The dealers could easily be arrested and executed.

Ultimately though, the prevalence of drug abuse in society is not a matter of availability. As I’ve noted many times, 100 years ago, every medicine cabinet had a bottle of heroin, and you did not have hardly any junkies.

Drugs are inanimate objects. They can’t make anyone do them simply by existing. If you have a society with large numbers of people interested in taking hard drugs in the first place, you have a very serious social problem that needs to be addressed at scale.

White men have been told they do not have any future. They are demonized, they aren’t hired, and they cannot form families. In that situation, becoming a junkie is sort of an obvious choice.