NYC: Junkies Defecating on Firefighters’ Vehicles “Multiple Times a Day”

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When you hear the numbers of people dying from fentanyl, then see the users of fentanyl, you start to wish the number would go up.

Utopia is so exhausting.

New York Post:

Strung-out junkies are turning the area near an East Harlem firehouse into a nightmarish playground, where they use the space between firefighters’ parked cars as private stalls for pooping and shooting up.

The addicts “break into the cars, they defecate on them, they leave trash . . . You see needles everywhere, all over the ground, all the time,” Battalion Chief Burgess told The Post outside of Engine 35, Ladder 14 firehouse on Third Avenue near East 124th Street.

“These people are so far gone in their addiction that it’s hard not to feel bad for them, but you feel that rage when they’ve defecated on your car, like what happened to mine last week,” the chief griped.

Such issues occur “every day, multiple times a day,” he said.

A startling March 17 Instagram video captioned “Fire Station’s Parking Lot Turned Drug Den” shows three apparent addicts sitting on the curb between firefighters’ cars.

“Crack? This guy doing heroin?” the person filming can be heard saying as he strolls behind each man, two of whom appear to be handling needles.

The firehouse is only a few blocks from OnPoint NYC, a so-called safe injection site that critics say enables addicts and lures them to the neighborhood.

“We tell [OnPoint], ‘Hey, you know, [the drug users] come over here,’ but it doesn’t stop,” a firefighter lamented.

The US government claims China is somehow responsible for fentanyl while they are also actively enabling these people. They’ve basically de facto legalized all drugs.

Junkies should just be rounded up by the government and sent to concentration camps. That’s what any sane country would do. In sane countries, even one filthy homeless person is not allowed.