Everyone is Shitting on the Ukraine This Week

A vision of ultimate moral goodness

All the news is bad for Hoholistan.

Some “Slava Ukrainia” faggot from Twitter is whining about Ukrainians executing wounded Russians.


German reporter Julian Roepcke on Monday shared a video he claimed showed Ukrainian soldiers executing wounded Russians, only to face a torrent of abuse from Ukrainians online.

Roepcke, a journalist for the German tabloid Bild, has for years been critical of Russia and features a Ukrainian flag in his X (formerly Twitter) handle. The 21-second video he shared, allegedly from an official source, showed two Ukrainian soldiers shooting prone Russian casualties at point-blank range.

“Official Ukrainian army / 47th Mechanized Brigade video, showing the execution of two more injured Russian soldiers with headshots,” Roepcke wrote. “Is it only me or is this a normalization of entirely unacceptable behavior by a modern army?!”

I don’t know how this dickhead could think this is some unique behavior from the Ukrainians. We’ve been seeing videos of executions like this for two years.

We’ve seen constant videos of human shields. Press-ganging of middle school boys. Constant shelling of nuclear power plants. Endless terrorist attacks on civilians. Basically every possible war crime, the Ukraine commits regularly. So someone who supports the Ukraine coming out and whining about what is really a pretty minor war crime in the refusal to take prisoners is interesting.

Meanwhile, the EU basically told Zelensky to stop his begging.


Ukraine should not expect the EU to supply it with 1 million artillery rounds “for free,” the bloc’s commissioner for the internal market, Thierry Breton, told the broadcaster France Info on Monday. He also criticized President Vladimir Zelensky for “falsely” accusing the bloc of failing to deliver on its promises.

Last week, Zelensky complained that the EU would miss the target of 520,000 artillery shells that it was supposedly expected to supply to Kiev by March. “Of the million shells that the European Union promised us, not 50% came, but 30%, unfortunately,” he said.

Asked about the statement on Monday, Breton brushed Zelensky’s comment off as “false.” The figures cited by Zelensky do not correspond to reality, he said, adding that Kiev expected all the promised shells to be “donated,” but that had never been the case.

“I said: ‘provide’ and not ‘give away for free’,” Breton told France Info about the pledge made by Brussels last year. He said the bloc expected Ukraine to pay for at least a portion of the supplies.

Hohols are literally niggers. They don’t pay for things. They say “gibs me dat.”

So I doubt the agreement was ever that they were going to pay. Where were they supposed to get the money, other than from other donations? The country does not have any economy at all. Everything is paid for by donations, including the salaries of government employees.

Meanwhile, Zelensky is facing whining in his own government for firing General Fatso.


President Vladimir Zelensky was wrong to fire the top general of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zaluzhny, Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko has said. 

Zelensky dismissed Zaluzhny last month, citing the need for “a change in strategy.” General Aleksandr Syrsky was named Zaluzhny’s successor.

“Removing him was a big mistake. We need to unite around people who have the highest support – like Zaluzhny who has the highest rating in the polls,” Klitschko told the Italian daily La Repubblica in an interview published on Monday.

“For two years he had successfully defended our country against the largest and most powerful army in the world,” the professional boxer-turned-politician said, adding that the public sees the famed general as the nation’s “most important defender.”

Klitschko is Jewish also, by the way, and was one of the main leaders of the US-backed coup in 2014, so this demonstrates that the ranks are breaking up in general, and there is a move by high level Ukraine officials to try to remove Zelensky from power. There is no other reason to lodge these complaints, other than that you’re trying to oust Zelensky.

These troubles, among others, are happening against the backdrop of Macron saying he’s going to launch a NATO invasion of the Ukraine and then being denounced by most other EU leaders, including Scholz in Germany. Then, there were tapes leaked of the Germans talking about sending even more serious missiles to the Ukraine and helping them do terrorist attacks. Scholz appears to have been unaware this was happening, and now he is trying to assure the German population that he’s going to scale this shit back.

Russia, meanwhile, remains bold.

I have thought for months that the war was going to be allowed to burn out, and when you see what’s happening, it looks like that. But then it also looks like there’s a real chance the US is going to pass another huge bill to keep the money rolling.

My basic conclusion is that no one is making any decisions. The entire Western world is a gigantic mess of overlapping intelligence agencies and various corrupt private interests. That is sort of just the definition of “democracy” in the first place, but you usually have someone making decisions. We can’t find anyone making decisions.

That really means anything could happen. The Ukraine could be cut off and forced to surrender, or NATO could invade and start WWIII with Russia. Flip a coin, I guess. There is nothing to analyze.