Chicago: 1,250 Migrants to Arrive Daily! RAPID ONSET ULTRA-VIBRANCY is Here, NOW!

You’ve heard of “vibrant diversity,” but have you heard of TURBO DIVERSITY? What about RAPID ONSET ULTRA-VIBRANCY?

These are terms you’re going to be getting familiar with very soon. This is what we call it when there is so much diverse vibrancy, and so little space for it, that it spills out everywhere, including directly into your personal and private spaces.

You’d better brace yourselves, because this vibrancy is just getting started. When Joe Biden enters his second term, that’s when all hell is going to truly break loose, when he will be using airplanes to bus people from Africa and Pakistan and just dump them on you.

When the blacks come in full force, instead of giving them a bus ticket, Biden will give them a semi-automatic handgun.

These numbers are coming from Texas, by the way. The Post doesn’t bother to say that, because I guess they want to defend that sickening cripple Abbott. But he’s the one who called up Pritzker and told him to get ready for the deluge.

That’s your top conservative politician, by the way – instead of sending these people back to Mexico, or preventing them from entering in the first place, he sends them deeper into the country. (That’s our values and so on.)

New York Post:

Fifty coaches carrying migrants have arrived in Chicago over the last week and authorities are bracing for up to 25 buses with around 1,250 people aboard to start arriving daily.

The deluge has caused huge problems and prompted backlash from residents in the city, which long ago ran out of shelter space and has been allowing asylum seekers to sleep in O’Hare Airport and police stations across the city.

In a scathing letter to President Biden Monday, Illinois’ Democrat Governor, J.B. Pritzker accused the feds of failing to provide adequate aid to the city — a sentiment echoed by numerous other American mayors as the crisis unfolds.

About 9,800 migrants are currently living in the city’s shelters, while more than 3,000 more await placement.

That’s a little baby vibrancy.

In a few weeks, you’re going to have that many every week!




No one wanted to listen to me. My own readers didn’t want to listen to me. For ten years, I offered very simple outlines of all these problems, and the solutions to them. Now, it’s too late.


More than $330 million had already been spent by the state on the crisis, Pritzker noted. Police station lobbies have become packed to the brim with desperate families sleeping on the floor, and they’ve spilled out onto the sidewalks where portable toilets have been placed.

Terminals in O’Hare and Midway airports have been set aside for hundreds of migrants to hunker down on blankets, carboard boxes, and carpeted floors while they wait for more permanent housing.

Remember – this is 13,000 of them. Now, that amount is going to be coming every ten days.

They are each getting $2,200 a month from the government. They are getting work permits in some cities (and Biden will pass an executive order saying you have to hire them – he’s already suing Tesla for not hiring illiterate illegal field people as rocket scientists).

This party has not even gotten started.

When you submitted to the coronavirus hoax, they realized that they can do absolutely anything to you.

Anything they want.

They can kidnap your son and cut his dick off.

In September, Mayor Brandon Johnson finalized plans to erect a series of winterized tent camps and relocate the migrants living in police stations and airports there.

The $29.4 million project was met with raised eyebrows however, as the construction contract was signed with the same security firm tasked with busing the migrants in — GardaWorld Federal Services.


Finding out that we’re paying the same company responsible for shipping them here, to now be in charge of taking care of them, is like having the fireman both set the fire and extinguish it at the same time,” said Chicago City Council Alderman Ray Lopez, according to NBC Chicago.

It’s exactly like that.

And what are people going to do?

They’re going to do nothing. At all.

They are going to keep jacking off, keep watching sickening Japanese pedophile cartoons, keep staring at their cellphones and pretending it’s not happening.

No hero will rise.

  • Donald Trump was too pussy to declare martial law.
  • Kanye West was too pussy to resist pussy.
  • Elon Musk was too pussy to tolerate Jews calling him mean names.
  • Look at the Pope.

And before “we don’t need a hero though!”

Yes, actually, you do. As a matter of fact, no political movement ever in history has existed without a leader. You can go look around in the history books, you can browse Wikipedia until the cows come home. You have to have a leader for a revolution.

You don’t have one.

The closest thing Western whites have to a leader is Vladimir Putin.

That’s no joke. Just think about it for a second. It’s obviously true on its face.

Chicago is one American city. According to these numbers coming from Texas, they are going to have 37,500 people arriving every month.

That’s nearly half a million per year.

Again: that’s just one city.

And they want to tell you only 3.8 million have crossed since Biden took office?

By the way – FAIR was saying 5.5 million last October (a year ago, for those not good at math).

No one is blaming that cripple cuckold Abbott (literally no dick) for sending these people all over the place. Instead, conservatives are giggling like “tee-hee-hee, sanctuary city, huh?”

Are these smug gigglers going to do a revolution?

I don’t think so, friend.

People are attacking me now for telling you things are just going to get worse and worse. But what am I supposed to do? Lie to you?

I’ll tell you to hope and pray for a miracle, because that is the only thing that is going to save you.

How’s that?

Hope and pray for a miracle.

See if God wants to save a country that tolerates child trannies, where even the people who are ostensibly against trannies say “oh well, I just think they should have to be 18 before they cut their dicks off.”

Do you think God wants to send a miracle to save that country?

Or does it sound more like a country God would destroy with fire?

Look, I don’t know what to tell you.

It is what it is.