Chicago Already Making $25K Reparation Payments to Blacks

Them niggas be needs that money, what for they ain’t got none cuz dey been in slavery like a mf.

Best be handing that shit over, whitey.

Niggas be slipping.

New York Post:

A suburban Chicago city has become the first to start paying reparations to qualifying black residents in what is being seen as “a test run for the whole country.”

Evanston has already paid 16 locals from a $10 million package first approved in 2019, the Evanston RoundTable said Monday.

By the end of the year, the reparations committee expects to have paid $25,000 each to 140 qualifying residents in the city of about 75,000, officials also told the Wall Street Journal.

“I see it as like a test run for the whole country,” Justin Hansford, head of the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center at Howard University, told the paper.

Justin Hansford

Those qualifying had to be at least 18 and living in the city between 1919 and 1969, when the city passed a fair-housing ordinance, the WSJ said.

Evanston Mayor Daniel Biss said that the city is not concerned over whether reparations are paid out elsewhere, including at the federal level.

Daniel Biss

Bennett Johnson

“Our job here is just to move forward and to continue being that example, to continue illustrating that a small municipality can make real tangible progress,” he told the WSJ.

Still, not everyone is satisfied at the pioneering payouts.

Local civil rights activist Bennett Johnson told a recent meeting that the $25,000 was not enough — and the 1969 year cutoff “totally arbitrary” given that black people were “discriminated” against long after that.

This is another one of those “how is this happening in real life???” situations.

You have the conservative talking points about how these blacks have had equal opportunity for a very long time.

But then you have the amount of money they have received in the form of government handouts, which is in the tens of billions.

We do not owe these people anything.

However, I would be fine giving them a lump sum and a one-way ticket to Africa.

If they want to stay here, they need to work, and they need to be subjected to the same justice system as everyone else.

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