Chicago: Mass Shooting at Halloween Party, At Least 15 Injured

Look, buddy.

We’re building a utopia here.

It’s hard work, and we’re going to have to break a few, possibly a whole lot, of eggs.

New York Post:

At least 15 people were shot, including two who were critically injured, when a gunman opened fire during a Halloween celebration in Chicago early Sunday morning.

The gunman fired shots into the gathering just after 1 a.m. in the Lawndale neighborhood on the city’s West Side, police said.

Police who responded to the shooting saw a male suspect firing rounds into the crowd before fleeing on foot.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was later arrested, and a firearm was recovered by officers, ABC 7 reported.

Partygoers told the outlet that a fight broke out in the backyard and one of the individuals involved was asked to leave.

After refusing to leave, the man allegedly began shooting.

Is this a real Halloween mass shooting, like in a horror movie?

Or is it just black people?

You know what. Don’t tell me.

I honestly don’t care.