Watch: Brutes Cause Car Accident, Then Rob Victim on the Side of LA Highway

Brutes don’t play.

New York Post:

A startling video showed a group of brazen car thieves rob a man on the side of a Los Angeles highway in broad daylight after running the victim off the road intentionally.

Four criminals donning dark colors and masks were captured racing out of a black Dodge Caravan toward a wrecked black Alfa Romeo sedan on the eastbound side of I-10 around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, according to KTLA.

“Hands up,” one of the highway robbers yells at the victim as the robbers rush toward him.

The unidentified victim put his hands over his head and got on his knees as the men began ransacking the disabled sedan, video recorded by a nearby driver showed.

“I got it,” one of the robbers appears to shout as he pulls something from the front seat.

The thieves continued to search frantically through the car as other pedestrians slowed down to watch the scene.

One driver jumped out of their vehicle to get a closer view and record the Wild West-style robbery.

One of the suspects makes a move to intimidate the eyewitness recording but quickly gets back to searching the disabled sedan in the seconds-long stick-up.

To make their daring escape, the criminals had a white-colored Chevrolet Malibu waiting next to the crash site as their getaway car.

The California Highway Patrol said that the Caravan did purposely run the sedan off the road, KTLA confirmed.

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