Israel: Police Arrest Relatives of Hostages Protesting the Government

This speaks to the wider cartoonish nature of this situation in Israel: the families of the hostages that Bibi says he’s “trying to rescue” are demanding negotiations, and the government responds by arresting them.


Two relatives of Israeli hostages abducted on October 7 were arrested during a protest outside the defense ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv Tuesday evening, according to one of the groups that participated.

Protesters had gathered to voice their anger following media reports that an Israeli delegation holding indirect hostage negotiations with Hamas was leaving the talks in Qatar without a deal.

Israeli police in a statement said they cleared the protesters from Tel Aviv’s Ayalon Highway where they were blocking traffic. Four protesters were arrested for violating order and “endangering the road users,” the police said.

A representative from the Israeli Pro-Democracy Protest Movement that was involved in the demonstrations said in an update that two of the four arrested were relatives of hostages. CNN affiliate Kan also reported the arrests, saying the two were related to one hostage who was released and another who is still believed to be held in Gaza.

Negotiations between Israel and Hamas to release hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners have stalled, and a window for a ceasefire before the Muslim holiday of Eid, in the second week of April, is closing.

Yeah, nothing can stop these Jews other than the US government telling them they have to stop, and there is no way the US government is going to do that.

So it’s just going to spiral out into a bigger war. The Jews have already said they’re going to invade Lebanon when they are finished with Gaza, and that will trigger a response from Iran.

This Gaza massacre is a major regional war happening in slow motion.