New York Announces Plan to Replace Taxi Drivers with Killer Robots

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Pretty soon, they’re going to have to start building robot niggers to commit crimes against law-abiding robots.

I think I made this joke earlier this week, but I stand by it: if you’re going to have robots doing all the jobs, it’s white supremacy not to create niggerbots to do crime against them.

Honestly, I’m not totally sure that’s a joke? Isn’t it now asserted that being against crime is white supremacy? So if all work is done by robots, aren’t the robots de facto white people, and therefore in need of some counter-force of robo-diversity?

As I understand it, the literal lesson of George Floyd is that it is evil to be against crime. All the whites marching in support of Saint George were calling for the legalization of crime, under the premise that crime is committed by black people and is therefore good.

New York Post:

New Yorkers will soon see self-driving cars snake their way through the city’s traffic-choked streets — though the vehicles won’t be driverless.

(As I understand it, they will actually be driverless after the testing phase.)

Mayor Eric Adams signed off on allowing several companies to deploy the autonomous vehicles (AVs) and released requirements for companies to begin the testing phase Thursday.

The controversial robotaxis, which have ignited an uproar among San Francisco residents over the safety hazards during its pilot rollout last year, will be overseen by the city’s Department of Transportation.

The safety threat is retarded, because no matter what, robots are safer than human drivers.

People just get freaked out when robots kill humans.

Adams said the new autonomous vehicle program would be an example of “responsible innovation.”

“This technology is coming whether we like it or not, so we’re going to make sure that we get it right,” Adams said in a statement. “If we do, our streets can be safer, and our air could be cleaner.”

“Our streets are vibrant and energetic — and that’s a great thing, but it also means that we need to have strong guardrails and requirements in place on any sort of autonomous vehicles,” he added.

The main requirement during the testing phase will be that all robotaxis have an actual human in the car to grab the wheel in case anything goes awry.

Some civic activists have already come out in opposition to the plan, saying that the safety of other drivers and pedestrians will be compromised by the new, unproven technology.

It’s statistics: robots are way less likely to kill you than a human driver.

This whole safety issue is just a scam being drummed up by taxi drivers who want to keep their racket going.

Tesla Failure

This news item doesn’t say what kind of cars we’re talking about, but it’s unlikely they are Teslas. Despite having a massive advantage, being the first in the industry and funded by the government, Tesla is totally failing. They were totally overtaken by China’s BYD. “BYD” stands for “Build Your Dreams,” which is the stupidest ever name for a car, and yet Elon is getting blown out.

More importantly: Tesla has totally failed to do driverless taxi AI, and other states that are doing these pilot programs are using Google’s Waymo.

Elon Musk is one of the world’s greatest failures. He’s actually a much worse failure than a fentanyl junkie living in the streets, because he had all of these advantages, and just totally squandered them.

Frankly, he’s done the same thing with Twitter, where he had this opportunity to become the absolutely dominant social media company by allowing free speech, then he just completely buckles because he’s scared of the short term.

Seriously, what a retard. There was no way that the ADL boycott would last forever. Elon’s stated plan was to become the non-Chinese version of WeChat, which completely dominates Chinese social media by serving every purpose, from blogging, streaming, video hosting, podcasting, and tweeting to payment system and online marketplace. Elon even said “everything app.” There was a clear path for Twitter to become basically a singular force in social media and online payments, and he blew it entirely because he was scared the company was losing money.

Then for whatever reason he went out and said that Jews are trying to destroy the white race, which made the situation 100x worse, so basically the Jews had him in a noose. Even so, even if he lost all advertisement other than Filipina brides and crypto scams, he could have just kept borrowing money until he dominated the entire market, at which point companies would have no choice but to advertise with him (moreover, there are a lot of other money opportunities there beyond just ads).

When you lay it all out there, Elon Musk is quite possibly the biggest failure in the entire history of humanity.