Children of Mothers Exposed to Ubiquitous Chemicals More Likely to be Obese Later in Life

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Americans are a bunch of mutant freaks as a result of exposure to toxic industrial chemicals?

Who could have predicted something like this?

(And don’t say “Jew-hating neo-Nazis,” because their opinions don’t matter, even if they’re right.)

The Guardian:

Children whose mothers are exposed to toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” during pregnancy run an increased risk of low birth weight as well as obesity and high body mass index later in life, an effect similar to prenatal exposure to tobacco, new research finds.

The low birth rate effects of some PFAS have been previously established, but the study tracked 1,400 kids and found higher BMIs and more incidences of obesity in those ages two to five. The “low birth weight-high obesity risk paradox” was previously associated with tobacco smoke exposure during fetal development.

“Something similar is going on with PFAS,” said Joe Braun, a Brown University researcher and study co-author.

PFAS are a class of about 15,000 chemicals often used to make products resistant to water, stains and heat. The compounds are ubiquitous, and linked at low levels of exposure to cancer, thyroid disease, kidney dysfunction, birth defects, autoimmune disease and other serious health problems. They are called “forever chemicals” because they do not naturally degrade in the environment.

A recent review of published research found PFAS in umbilical cord blood in all approximately 30,000 samples collectively checked in the studies.

Though previous research found evidence suggesting the chemicals are linked to obesity early and later in life, including some research from the new study’s authors, the findings were generally inconclusive. The authors say the new research is more definitive because it included a larger sample size, greater geographic coverage, longer timespan and a wider range of exposure levels.

As with tobacco smoke exposure, babies who are born underweight due to PFAS exposure can experience a rapid catch-up in weight, but not height, and the weight gain happens earlier than for children who will be a normal weight, Braun said.

Those who are exposed can mitigate the effects later in life through regular exercise, Braun said, but it is difficult for mothers to protect themselves and their fetuses because PFAS are so widely used. The US government estimates the chemicals are in 98% of Americans’ blood, and they often have long half-lives, so PFAS from an exposure years before a pregnancy could still harm a fetus.

It’s sad.

The kids don’t deserve it.

But this is a society that hates children, because we are still living by the boomer ethos of “happiness first,” and there is no room in that ideology for protecting children.

The boomers literally normalized divorce. They couldn’t give a shit about children. And boomerism remains the dominant ideology.