Toxic Train Derails in Pennsylvania, Residents Evacuating Homes

How does this keep happening???

I know the answer is some mix of “diversity” and “corruption” (wealth transfers away from public infrastructure projects to Jews, wars, banks, and corporations).

But it just all of a sudden started happening, did it not?

New York Post:

Homes were being evacuated early Monday after a train carrying hazardous materials derailed outside Philadelphia.

A 40-car CSX Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, just before 5 a.m. Monday, prompting emergency crews to respond to a suburban area of Whitemarsh Township.

Between 15 and 20 of the derailed cars were carrying hazardous materials, prompting a Level 2 hazmat response, Fox 29 reported.

Officials evacuated houses and businesses in the area of the derailment as a precaution early Monday, saying there was no known hazard to the public at this time.

Photos of the derailment show multiple cars toppled off the tracks, which appear to be bent.

Precautionary evacuations have occurred at the residents and businesses closest to the scene. It is not believed that further evacuations will be needed, but we will evaluate as we know more,” Whitemarsh Township police said in a Facebook post.

These tracks look like they were built in the 1860s.

Meanwhile, a Dow chemical plant caught on fire last week.

There are daily ecological disasters.

Meanwhile, Greta continues to say nothing, and promotes the Ukraine war.