China Now World’s Absolute Leader in Renewable Energy, Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule

No one gives a shit about green energy.

But China is mass producing it, way beyond what Western faggots are doing, just because China likes to produce things and those Western faggots might buy it.

Also, the faggot governments are paying China to produce this useless crap.

The Guardian:

China is shoring up its position as the world leader in renewable power and potentially outpacing its own ambitious energy targets, a report has found.

China is set to double its capacity and produce 1,200 gigawatts of energy through wind and solar power by 2025, reaching its 2030 goal five years ahead of time, according to the report by Global Energy Monitor, a San Francisco-based NGO that tracks operating utility-scale wind and solar farms as well as future projects in the country.

It says that as of the first quarter of the year, China’s utility-scale solar capacity has reached 228GW, more than that of the rest of the world combined. The installations are concentrated in the country’s north and north-west provinces, such as Shanxi, Xinjiang and Hebei.

In addition, the group identified solar farms under construction that could add another 379GW in prospective capacity, triple that of the US and nearly double that of Europe.

China has also made huge strides in wind capacity: its combined onshore and offshore capacity now surpasses 310GW, double its 2017 level and roughly equivalent to the next top seven countries combined. With new projects in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu and along coastal areas, China is on course to add another 371GW before 2025, increasing the global wind fleet by nearly half.

“This new data provides unrivalled granularity about China’s jaw-dropping surge in solar and wind capacity,” said Dorothy Mei, a project manager at Global Energy Monitor. “As we closely monitor the implementation of prospective projects, this detailed information becomes indispensable in navigating the country’s energy landscape.”

The findings are in line with previous reports and government data released this year, which predicted that China could easily surpass its target of supplying a third of its power consumption through renewable sources by 2030.

Imagine that the West is talking about this green shit nonstop – which is a total scam and a hoax, by the way – and they’re also talking about how evil China is.

Meanwhile, China is outproducing them in their own stupid fake industry they invented.

This “green energy” really destroys the environment. China doesn’t care about that, really, but the only reason China is making this crap is because Westerners want it.

Westerners and retarded little girls like Greta don’t care that it destroys the environment. It’s just this big emotional spectacle for them.

I hate these people.