China Region Paying Cash Rewards for Getting Married If Bride is Under 25

Holy shit.

The Chinese state just institutionalized Anglin’s talking point about the uselessness of women over the age of 25.

How do they keep on winning like this??

The Guardian:

A county in eastern China is offering couples a “reward” of 1,000 yuan ($137) if the bride is aged 25 or younger, the latest in a series of measures to incentivise young people to get married amid rising concern over a declining national birthrate.

The notice, which was published on Changshan county’s official WeChat account last week, said the reward was to promote “age-appropriate marriage and childbearing” for first marriages. It also included a series of childcare, fertility and education subsidies for couples who have children.

Just go ahead and note that there is nothing about the age of the man.

Just jot that one down real quick in the old notes.


Take a bow, Wang.

Meanwhile, in the West they are still vaguely talking about “overpopulation,” while also claiming we are not having enough kids and so need Africans to come do the jobs aborted babies can’t do, while also claiming that AI is going to take everyone’s jobs and make humans obsolete.

It’s exhausting.