John Bolton Says Americans Not Liking Jewish Government is China’s Fault

China is the sole reason people do not like the Biden government.

I’m not sure how China pulled this off, but I salute them for it.

New York Post:

China is engaged in an “asymmetric warfare” campaign in the United States aimed at influencing public opinion and weakening Americans’ faith in their institutions, former National Security Advisor John Bolton said.

“Chinese influence operations in this country, and efforts really to fragment us politically, are definitely underestimated. I think we’re still learning a lot about it,” Bolton told host John Catsimatidis Sunday on WABC 770 AM’s “Cats Roundtable” show.

“Some of them, like the Confucius Institutes at universities, are just propaganda centers. That’s becoming more evident. We’ve got to wake up to this threat. We have not been willing to see it,” said Bolton, 74.

The US government and citizens are more aware of China’s efforts to undermine America economically through the stealing of economic property and bullying allies including Taiwan, he explained.

But this attempt to influence our public opinion without letting anybody know they’re doing it, that’s much more insidious, and, in the long term, more dangerous,” said Bolton, who served as the White House national security adviser under former President Donald Trump.

It’s so secretive that there is not even any evidence that it’s happening. There isn’t even a vague explanation as to how the mechanism works.

But we know it’s real because John Bolton is very reliable and serious.

He’s probably like, one of the top 3 most serious people of all.