China Says US Must Withdraw Troops from Taiwan as America Prepares Taiwan for War

We don’t usually publish hysteria propaganda.

But if the Wall Street Journal is publishing hysteria propaganda, it’s worth at least mentioning.

A special operations unit and a contingent of U.S. Marines have been preparing Taiwanese soldiers for a potential invasion of China in secret exercises, the Wall Street Journal revealed in a report that was confirmed by the Pentagon on Friday.

Around two dozen elite soldiers train Taiwanese ground troops, while US Marines practice combat with Taiwan’s naval forces.

The U.S. must withdraw troops from Taiwan, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said today, urging Washington to respect its agreements with Beijing.

“The U.S. must sever diplomatic relations and abrogate its mutual defense treaty with Taiwan and U.S. forces must withdraw from Taiwan.”

“The U.S. has made its clear commitment to China. In his phone call with President Xi Jinping, President Biden emphasized that it has no intention to change the One China principle,” spokesman Zhao told reporters.

Xi Jinping will deliver an important speech this Saturday. He is expected to emphasize the reunification with Taiwan and to resolutely oppose external forces’ interference in the Taiwan Strait.

When the US military was pulling out of Afghanistan, and the Taliban was rapidly taking land across the country, we said “yeah, it sure looks like there is nothing stopping them from taking Kabul this weekend… but I’m sure it will take longer than that, given the common wisdom we’re seeing in the media.”

Now, the common wisdom in the media is talking about some number of years to resolve the Taiwan situation.

But what precisely is keeping China from landing in Taipei and ending this tomorrow?

One thing is clear: the US does not have the ability to prevent China from taking Taiwan, so they would then have to escalate the situation AFTER China had full possession of Taiwan.

Another thing is clear: if the Chinese government takes Taiwan, the people of China will be willing to suffer a whole lot of economic hardship to pay for a victory like that.

It’s not really the apocalypse if China takes Taiwan soon. The US military is not prepared for an attack on China right now. It would mean all kinds of food shortages and whatever. Economic chaos. But stirring up an actual war would take a good while.