China’s Huawei to Return to the Smartphone Market After Devastating US Ban

Punished Huawei is plotting a glorious return.

In a fair market, they would be the dominant cellphone company, or at least the primary challenger to Apple (which they already basically were).

Apple is unique because of their software, which is much easier and more comfortable than Linux-based Android systems, but China makes phones that are at least as good as the Korean phones, but are much cheaper.


China’s Huawei Technologies is plotting a return to the 5G smartphone industry by the end of this year, according to research firms, signalling a comeback after a U.S. ban on equipment sales decimated its consumer electronics business.

Huawei should be able to procure 5G chips domestically using its own advances in semiconductor design tools along with chipmaking from Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co (SMIC), three third-party technology research firms covering China’s smartphone sector told Reuters.

A return to the 5G phone market would mark a victory for the company that for almost three years said it was in “survival” mode. Huawei’s consumer business revenue peaked at 483 billion yuan ($67 billion) in 2020, before plummeting by almost 50% a year later.

The Shenzhen-based tech giant once vied with Apple and Samsung to be the world’s biggest handset maker until rounds of U.S. restrictions beginning in 2019 cut its access to chipmaking tools essential for producing its most advanced models.

The US is an anti-competitive nation. That is their entire global business model.

No one thinks this is healthy or good. It is brutal and domineering. The US is a satanic country.

Forcing China to make their own chips will probably be looked back on as a big mistake.