CIA Doge Account (Very Cute!) Posts High Grade CGI of Hilarious (Cutesy) Bombing of Russia Church

I’m celebrating my first month back on Twitter in a couple days.

It’s been a wild ride.

One of the wildest parts is that there is an organized CIA/State Department operation to promote the war in the Ukraine using doge memes. They call themselves “fellas” and their pro-NATO meme is “NAFO” – “The North American Fellas Organization.”

It’s the single most aggressively forced meme I’ve ever witnessed, and I was on 4chan in 2018 (“Year of the Forced Meme”). There are thousands of these accounts, and I can’t really imagine any real people are joining this movement. I think that at least 99% of the accounts are run by intelligence agents.

It’s so obvious that it’s run by the CIA that they have – very cleverly, actually – started making memes about how it is a CIA operation.

They aggressively promote the neo-Nazi “Azov” satanic death cult, though it’s not really clear that right-wingers are the target audience. It seems more about simply creating confusion, and the sense that there is a large body of normal people who support the Ukraine (and believe they are winning, which is the largest part of the larger disinformation campaign).

I would actually think Elon Musk would maybe want to investigate this. The government should not be allowed to do massive psychological operations to confuse and deceive the American people.

They are openly promoting follow-back schemes with bad memes, so they are clearly trying to get organic support. That is a lot cheaper.

But the memes are just terrible. Like, very bad.

They do not understand basic meme templates.

By the way: I’m old enough to remember when the media claimed that Russia posting memes on Twitter was some kind of international war crime.

They spell “Russian” as “Ruzzian,” which is intended to reference various meme spellings.

Of course they’re also promoting war with China. Because of course.

The tone is also offensive. They are trying to use 4chan type irreverent energy, but you can’t do that without genuine, organic sentiment from those involved, so it all feels very much like a gross simulacra (which is what it is). There is no fun.

Most notably: it isn’t based in anything. It’s supposed to be random people who support the Ukraine aggressively for no reason and the memes just show a doge that keeps saying how much he supports the Ukraine. There is no content to any of it.

Very bizarrely, accounts have been sharing a video of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow being bombed. It’s very high quality CGI.

It’s really a shocking thing to post, and unfunny and babyish “ironic cuteness” memes are not really going to take the edge off of a threat to bomb what is likely the single most iconic Christian church in the world.

In the Ukraine, they have banned Orthodox Christianity, and they’ve been arresting the clergy. Apparently, people like Ted Cruz and other Republicans who support this war against Russia are fine being on the side of actually satanic Jews and neo-Nazis.

They’ve posted other videos of places in Moscow being targeted by terrorist attacks.

Meanwhile, NEXTA, one of the top news outlets in the Ukraine, is mocking Russians for having high security on New Year’s Eve as a result of the ongoing terrorist threats and foiled terrorist plots.

It’s a bold thing to be threatening people with terrorist bombings and then mocking them for having to deal with high security.

I don’t think the US government has ever promoted this level of ethnic hatred against an entire population like this. It’s super aggressive. Like, imagine if the government was photoshopping videos of mosques being bombed in Iraq? Would that ever be conceivable even? They didn’t even try to stir up this kind of hatred against the Germans in World War II.

My main concern regarding the war is what is best for the American people. That’s the only thing I really care about. However, it is hard not to notice that these Ukrainians and their shills are really sick people.