City Council Hid Links Between Non-White Cab Drivers and White Rape Victims for 23 Years

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2014

23 years ago Birmingham City Council destroyed a report that exposed the link between non-White cab drivers and White school girls being forced into prostitution.

The rape and trafficking of vulnerable young White girls by filthy Muslim savages is not just something that has happened recently, but rather something that has been going on for decades.

The cover-ups have been going on for decades too.

The Birmingham Mail revealed today that 23 years ago the City Council ‘buried’ a report explicitly linking non-White taxi drivers with what was called back then child sexual exploitation.

The researcher commissioned to look into it, Dr. Jill Jesson, quickly realised that all the victims were White and all the rapists non-White. She highlighted this fact in her report and presented her findings to her superiors, expecting them to take action against the sex pests. Incredibly, instead of investigating her claims, the steering committee ordered her to remove all references to ethnicity from the report.

She complied with their request, but they obviously thought the report was still too critical of the unwanted newcomers, as they ordered all copies of it to be destroyed and cancelled the pre-arranged meeting that had been planned to discuss its findings.

Dr. Jesson is now speaking about her supressed report for the first time since then, saying “I was told to reveal what I saw. I did – and some people didn’t like it. There was a link between the sexual abuse of the girls and private hire drivers in the city. I thought at the time I did the work that there was an issue with race. Most of the girls were white. I was asked to take this link out, to erase it.”

Most of the time the vulnerable girls are unaware that they are being used, as all their friends have fallen into the trap as well.

Now that the Rotherham scandal has hit the headlines, where 1,400 White schoolgirls were treated by Muslims like they were slaves stolen from Europe during the middle ages, Dr. Jesson has been reminded of how she tried to warn people about it two decades ago:

Every time a news item has come on about sexual grooming of young girls and girls in care, and the link, too, between private hire drivers, I have thought ‘I told them about that in 1991 but they didn’t want to acknowledge it.’

I think the problem has got worse and worse over time.

Anyone reading my report now would say ‘Well, we already know that’ but the important point is to see that in 1991 this was ground-breaking insight into the desperate lives of some young women allegedly in the care of social services:

The story would be the same as it is now, and has been reported in all of these grooming scandals, stories which I’ve followed.

The sad part of this story is not the suppression of evidence but that the relevant organisations have failed to address this problem.’

The reason why the relevant organizations failed to address the problem is simple: the victims were White.

White people are not supposed to be victims, they are supposed to be oppressors. They are especially not allowed to be victims when the police, the social services and the council have all been accused of institutional racism. Anything which could lead to non-White races being arrested has to now be suppressed or ignored entirely, or the authorities involved will be accused of being ‘racist.’ That is the reason why the problem was ignored and hushed up for 23 years and that is the reason why their crimes against us are being hushed up now.

The real tragedy is how all of this could have been avoided if we had refused to allow them into our countries in the first place.

There is nothing new about Muslims enslaving White girls and then trafficking them.