Columbia Students Rebuild Gaza Solidarity Camp Immediately After Mass Arrests! FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA!

Previously: Badge Niggers Arrest 100+ Columbia University Students Camping Out in Support of Palestine!

No backing down!

From the river to the sea!

New York Post:

Student protesters at Columbia University reassembled their anti-Israel tent encampment on a central campus lawn early Friday — less than 24 hours after the NYPD arrested more than 100 people at the original installation.

Dozens of students sat with blankets and Palestinian flags on the lawn opposite the one where hundreds of others camped out for nearly 48 hours until yesterday’s faceoff, video from the independent reporter Spyder Monkey showed.

The site of the original protest was littered with construction materials, the footage indicated.

It was not immediately clear if the materials had been placed on the grass purposefully to discourage students from re-erecting tents there.

The group appeared on the second lawn sometime in the early hours, and was already dozens strong by sunrise, additional footage from independent journalist Olga Fe showed.

This makes me proud of America.

It is completely unfathomable that these kids were ever arrested in the first place. It’s against the law to arrest protesters because the Jews don’t like them. Of course, because of these Jews, we live in a totally lawless society, where blacks and immigrants are allowed to go on crimes sprees, looting and destroying, but the cops will arrest you for your opinions. This is the definition of a “tyranny”: there is no system of law and order, and the government simply acts arbitrarily. (A state can be “authoritarian” without being a “tyranny.” Tyranny has a very specific definition that involves arbitrary government action.)

The arrests came literally immediately after the Congress hauled in the head of Columbia and told her that she is an antisemite, demanding that she fire people and crack down on protests.

It was primarily Republicans harassing her, by the way. Republicans are just as opposed to freedom of speech as the Democrats. It’s unbelievable and abominable. This is unambiguous government intimidation against a private organization to crack down on freedom of speech, and it’s illegal. The fact that they are doing these crimes on behalf of a foreign state makes this a much more serious crime. All of these Republican Congressmen and Senators should be in prison for sedition and conspiracy, if not facing the death penalty for outright treason.

Of course, the actual arrests were a glorified traffic stop. They booked these kids on some form of trespassing charges and then just let them go. It was meant to be a big scene, however, showing that in America, if you protest Jews, you will be arrested. That’s the message Congressional Republicans want to send to America: your first loyalty is to Israel.

It makes you sick.

I hate what my country has become, and even more than that, I hate that the people saying they want to save it are just as bad as the people they are saying they’ll save it from. In some ways, the Republicans are actually worse than the Democrats. The Democrats are at least talking about “our democracy.” The Republicans are openly forcing the arrests of people who criticize a foreign country.

Thankfully, these brave heroes are not backing down.

The weather is breaking, and it is the season of the witch.

There will be no surrender.

The protests will not end until Palestine is free, From the River to the Sea.

And yes, Congressman: that does mean abolishing the illegitimate “state” of Israel.

This is the demand. It is not simply to stop until the Jewish state is dismantled in total, Hamas is established as the government of ALL Palestine, and the Ayatollah is leading prayers in the streets of Jerusalem.

Things are going to get worse before they get better. They did a symbolic arrest, but it will get worse. Being ideologically leftist does not protect these protesters from anything. They will get treated like the Jan 6ers if they continue to resist, hunted down and put in a special political prison to be held indefinitely without trial.

But they must fight because Palestine must be free.

Never surrender, comrades.