Watch: Migrants Fight Each Other with Bats, Belts, And Traffic Cones Outside NYC Hotel

These Venezuelan gangs have finally brought excitement to New York, a city that had become far too gay and boring.

People don’t really seem to understand that Maduro is emptying his prisons, dropping people off at the border. These are not just criminals coming in, but organized criminal groups.

They are going to take the city.

They will do a better job than the cops at running it, I can promise you that.

New York Post:

Mobs of rowdy migrants got into an all-out brawl outside a Midtown hotel, swinging sticks, belts and even traffic cones during the violent, broad-daylight melee, shocking new video shows.

At least a dozen asylum seekers squared off Sunday afternoon outside The Row hotel on Eighth Avenue, with one out-of-control migrant seen swinging a bat menacingly at the mob before one of the combatants is taken to the ground and pummeled by four others, footage posted on X shows.

At least two men are seen wearing bicycle helmets as the two sides square off in the middle of the street — even as motorists stream by in the middle of the brawl.

At one point, one of the violent migrants comes up behind another and smacks him in the head, knocking the helmet off his head before retreating across Eighth Avenue, the video shows.

It is unclear what sparked the brawl and the NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Even if the combatants explained in detail what sparked the brawl, it would still be unclear.

These people have brought a completely alien culture into New York, and they are performing that culture on the streets.

Apparently, this is what the people of America wanted. It must be that way, because America is a democracy, and in a democracy, the people always enjoy whatever the government does to them. So I guess we can’t complain.