Common Sense: Taliban Refuses to Allow Girls Older Than 11 in Schools

Educating women is literally the most retarded, destructive concept ever in history.

You can teach them to read, okay. But by the time they are able to get pregnant, why on earth would you have them in a school?

By the age of 11, a girl can already read, and she’s approaching breeding age, and needs to start preparing for her work as a wife.

The Guardian:

The Taliban have decided against opening schools to girls in Afghanistan beyond secondary school age, an official said Wednesday on the first day of Afghanistan’s new school year.

The latest setback for girls’ education is certain to receive widespread condemnation from the international community that has been urging the hardline leadership of Afghanistan’s new rulers to open schools and give women their right to public space.

The surprise decision came late on Tuesday as Afghanistan’s education ministry prepared for the new year opening of school, which was expected to herald the return of girls. A statement by the ministry earlier in the week urged “all students” to come to school.

However, the announcement to postpone a return of girls going to school in higher levels appeared to be a concession to the rural and deeply tribal backbone of the hardline Taliban movement, that in many parts of the countryside are reluctant to send their daughters to school.

The religiously-driven leaders fear enrolling girls beyond secondary school age could erode their base, said Waheedullah Hashmi, external relations and donor representative with the Taliban-led administration.

In some rural areas a brother will disown a brother in the city if he finds out that he is letting his daughters go to school,” said Hashimi, who said the Taliban leadership is trying to decide how to open education for girls older than 11 countrywide.

This is just pure basic common sense.

You don’t have to be some highly educated person to come to the conclusion that women should not be educated. In fact, highly educated people are just brainwashed, and more likely to fall for this suicidal scam.

Of course, if you study enough and get to the real truth, you will end up reaching a lot of the same conclusions about society as primitive cave-dwelling goat-herders.

Imagine that Western society is so botched that it literally lets women drive cars.

Whether you’re the Taliban or me, you see “six teenage girls killed in car crash” and think “that’s 60 children your country’s future won’t have that you sacrificed for an idiotic ideology that led you to the conclusion that a woman is capable of operating a motor vehicle.”