Leak: Jew Blood-Chuggers Proposed Transferring All Gazans to Tents in Sinai Desert

Child genius Nick Fuentes is pumping this as the plan.

I’m not sure.

Clearly, they are trying to get the people to leave Gaza, but there are two million people there, and moving them into tents in a desert is not really viable.

Furthermore, the Israeli military simply does not have the ability to crush Hamas. They can bomb people into oblivion, and then maybe they can bribe Egypt to take them.

WION News:

The Israeli government in a draft proposal has floated the idea of transferring Gaza’s 2.3 million people to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The proposal has already drawn condemnation and rejection from Palestinians.

Israel’s intelligence ministry on Oct 13 released the draft, offering three alternatives “to effect a significant change in the civilian reality in the Gaza Strip in light of the Hamas crimes that led to the Sword of Iron war.”

What’s the proposal?

As per the document, Gaza’s civilian population is to be shifted to tent cities in northern Sinai. Subsequently, they will be moved to permanent cities, while an undefined humanitarian corridor will also be established.

Guess where the “permanent cities” will be?

You get three guesses. First two don’t count.

Right-wingers supporting the Jews because they don’t like Islamic immigrants deserve to be shoved into barrels and rolled off cliffs onto jagged rocks.

The document further proposes building a “security zone” inside Israel to prevent any Palestinian from entering the Jewish country.

PM’s office downplays the document

PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s office downplayed the report as a hypothetical exercise — a “concept paper.”

Although no timeline has been laid out to implement the plan, the draft has already revived the worst memories of Palestinians—mass displacement from their homes due to widespread conflict in the region in the late 1940s.

Here’s Jews rejecting diversity

Palestinians have already voiced their opposition to any such designs. “We are against transfer to any place, in any form, and we consider it a red line that we will not allow to be crossed,” Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said of the report. “What happened in 1948 will not be allowed to happen again,” he added.

The Egyptians definitely do not want them. If they wanted them, they would have taken them a long time ago.

We’ve never seen a refugee camp of two million people, and we’ve definitely not seen one in a desert.

The other side of this is that the New York Times claims the Washington Jews convinced the Israeli Jews to go with a less extreme plan, which implies “not this plan.”

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Either way, the Jews are creating a situation where the whole world will not tolerate them. If they actually force all these people off the land, it will be much worse for their image, but their image is so bad now, it might not make any difference.