Congressmen Shocked to Find the NSA is Promoting Trannies and BLM

What do you know about aliens pretending to be human in order to agitate for war against Russia?
What do you know about aliens pretending to be human?

Of course the spy agencies are against American society. It would be impossible for them to operate all of these warfare campaigns against the society if they were for the society.

I don’t know how anyone would be surprised by this information.


Two members of the US House of Representatives wrote to the head of the National Security Agency on Tuesday with questions about a recently leaked diversity document which was filled with “Critical Race Theory” terms such as “white privilege” and “social justice.”

Mike Waltz of Florida and Jim Banks of Indiana, both Republican congressmen, want the NSA’s director, General Paul Nakasone, to explain who authored the document, how it was made public, and whether the agency actually believed its contents, which may be at odds with US policy and values.

“This document raises questions about NSA’s hiring and contracting processes that deserve answers,” Waltz and Banks wrote.

The lawmakers said they were “deeply concerned” about the document, a glossary of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)” terms that contains many definitions they described as either “incoherent” or “deeply troubling.”

Banks and Waltz singled out the definitions of ‘whiteness’, ‘capitalism’, ‘structural racism’, ‘equity’ and ‘neocolonialism’, to wonder what the agency, which is tasked with spying abroad, but has also snooped on Americans – actually believes.

The 34-page document was apparently posted on the internal NSA server in May 2022, but only surfaced last week when someone leaked it to the outlet Daily Wire.

The outlet accused the NSA of endorsing “blatantly left-wing views on race and sex,” noting that the glossary favorably cited the work of controversial academics such as Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo.

Waltz, who serves on the House Intelligence Committee, confirmed to the Daily Wire that the document was authentic. The letter to Nakasone implies that the NSA had unpublished the document at some point since, but it remains in circulation online. The agency has yet to comment on the matter.

All of this weird race and sex stuff is just “anti-social attitudes made manifest in ideology.” Sure, there are some legitimate sexual freaks, and there are some aggrieved minorities, but those people are totally unimportant. The agenda to push these things is what is relevant, and that is simply an anti-social agenda, by anti-social people.

If you are attempting to undermine society, you have to line positions of power with anti-social people who are willing to purposefully work to undermine the existing order.

That’s all this is, and it should be obvious.