Conor McGregor Could Easily Seize Control of Ireland, Bloodlessly, Within a Few Hours

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This week Conor McGregor announced that he is considering running for president of Ireland, apparently on a Christian, anti-immigrant platform, as per his recent statements that the immigration situation amounts to a “war” on the streets of Ireland.

Some smarmy faggot in the Irish Parliament (which is called something else, but is a parliament) made snide remarks about how Conor is blocked from becoming president because the nomination process requires support from the parliament. The faggot has a literal tranny flag in his Twitter handle.

I responded to this by stating something obvious: Conor McGregor doesn’t need anyone’s permission to become the leader of Ireland. He can put out the call that he’s marching on Dublin and appointing himself King, and the government will abdicate and flee the country in helicopters. It would be 100% bloodless. All Conor has to do is show up, with his supporters (who would be the size of an army), and tell the government to leave, he’s in charge now.

I’m not saying I support this or think he should do it or that it is a good idea. Running a country is a lot more complicated than simply seizing power, especially now, given the “globalist” nature of things. I simply think it is important to point out that if Conor wanted to, at any point he could depose the government and install himself as leader, bloodlessly, within a few hours.

Conor is so popular that it’s unlikely there are any police or military that wouldn’t stand down, taking a knee as the King assumed his throne.

If there were any government men with guns who sided with the existing government, they would be so few in number in comparison to Conor’s army that it would be totally irrelevant.

Obviously, this is fundamentally appealing on its face, but again, running a country is complicated. It’s not actually difficult, it’s just complicated. It requires a set of skills. If the majority bureaucracy would remain in place and kneel before King Conor, and I think the majority would, it would be easier.

I think, almost certainly, Conor could preserve order and prevent chaos or a counter-coup (for those who don’t know: it’s often the case that as soon as a coup happens, someone else does a coup against whoever has just done the coup – probably the reasons are obvious).

But the “international community” would max out sanctions, and I’m not going to pretend that I know what this would look like. I would have to be some kind of expert on the Irish economy, and I’m not. I know that the end of poverty in the country has been based on becoming a tax haven for Western, mostly American corporations, and I assume that all of these companies would be forced by the US government to pull out, which would cause a collapse of the economy and widespread poverty, which would be very difficult to handle. I think the Irish probably could handle it, as i’ts always seemed to me that, like the Russians, they don’t mind being poor. But it would be extremely chaotic.

There are probably assets that these companies have in the country that Conor could seize, but as we saw with the Russia sanctions, digital cash can just be turned off. And I doubt Apple and Google have vaults full of cash in Ireland.

I don’t think the British Army would invade. If they did, they would probably lose. You’d have to immediately lock down the “Northern Ireland” border of course. And probably, if this happened, Catholics on the other side of the border would start, you know, making some trouble.

The good part is that Russia and China would, pretty much certainly, declare that the coup was democratic and maintain open diplomatic and trade relations with the newly formed Kingdom of Ireland. If I were doing it, I would immediately invite in the Russian and/or Chinese militaries, in order to prevent any kind of military action by NATO.

The Vatican would not support it at all, and would attempt power plays, which would mean the Celtic Church would have to declare independence from the Vatican. But I think that most of the leadership of the Irish Church, certainly the majority of the parish priests, would be pretty supportive. Conor might have to appoint a new Primate, but the Celtic Church could join communion with the Moscow Patriarchate, probably more or less immediately. The faithful would follow their priests on this. I don’t think you’d have a bunch of people whining about Rome, as long as the churches continued functioning normally. (Nothing about the churches would have to change in order to join communion with Moscow, they would just have to declare schism with Rome.)

Again: I’m not going to pretend I understand the ramifications of all of this or if this would actually be viable, and I’m definitely not encouraging it. If it did happen, and Conor wanted me to fly to Ireland as an advisor, I would of course do so, but that doesn’t mean I support it or think it’s a good idea or that I am encouraging it.

In all honesty, I simply cannot picture what the end result would look like, or if the Reign of King Conor I could be preserved beyond a few weeks. I tend to think it could be figured out, as long as the right people were involved behind the King.

I don’t think that civil unrest would be an issue, and I don’t think military invasion would be an issue, so the issues would all be economic. The logistics of keeping the economy working are things I just don’t understand. I think starvation could definitely be avoided, as I am more or less certain that China would provide a lifeline, but there is no situation where the average quality of life wouldn’t drop dramatically.

However, if the quality of life was dropping at the same time that Conor was loading immigrants on boats and doing all kinds of national pride events with the Church and all types of military regalia and if he was giving speeches in a crown talking about the pride of the nation and the power of the people – the poverty might be tolerated. Right now, more than half of the country is against immigrants, and the stabbing incident created extreme emotion, and the fact that the government is protecting and effectively praising the stabber is going to create very strong emotions. Many people hate the faggot shit, the abortion, all of the nightmare liberalism that has been so rapidly introduced in the country. And again: I think Irish people don’t really mind poverty. So I sort of doubt that the total economic collapse that would ensue would be a deal-breaker.

The other thing we have to consider, really the most important thing we have to consider, is this: what does God want? Would God save the King?

We can’t rely on miracles in decision-making. But the answer as to whether God would be on the side of King Conor is very obvious: of course He would be. We are not used to thinking of God as something real, and something that plays a role in the way events develop, but that doesn’t change the fact that God is real and God does play a part in the way events develop, and if Conor shuts down the gays and shuts down the baby-killing factories, God is going to give him some serious blessings.

The point I am trying to make is that this is possible. The takeover itself would be nothing, the management of the fallout would be extremely difficult, but we have reached a point in history where things like this can and should start happening.

What has been done to Ireland, flooding it with these immigrants, normalizing the gays, the abortion, the unhinged feminism, the general national humiliation, combined with the extreme weakness of the institutions and the charisma and power of someone like Conor McGregor create conditions that are undeniably fertile for an event that modern men have difficulty imagining, because it is something out of history.

But history is back. Maybe it died with the USSR, but it is resurrected, and here we are. This might happen. Conor might just be an individual with the balls to do it. Trump absolutely could have done this in 2020. The military would have obeyed him, he could have declared martial law, and he could have installed himself as president for life and just done whatever he wanted to do without interference by Congress or the intelligence agencies. That actually would have worked, because he definitely had the ability to hold the government together and given that he’d have taken over America, the economic consequences would not be there in the same way.

But Trump didn’t have the balls.

I don’t know if Conor does. We’ll see, I guess.

This land was always ours, it’s the proud land of our fathers, it belongs to us and them – not to any of the others.

We deserve a King who will protect it.

God Save Ireland.