Cool Hamas Soldiers Let 17-Year-Old Jew Hostage Keep Her Dog, Release Both Unharmed

These hostage releases are really bad for the Jew narrative.

They are saying that Hamas are barbarians, and yet they are releasing all of the hostages in very good condition.

They even let them keep their dogs, and kept the dogs very healthy.

Probably, some of these Jews would rather go back to Hamas rather than continue living with the Jews.

New York Post:

The father of the 17-year-old high schooler freed by Hamas Tuesday had been searching for weeks for her missing Shih Tzu to bring to her on the fated day of their reunion — only to find out when she was released that the beloved pooch had been in captivity with her the entire time.

Mia Leimberg, of Jerusalem, was seen carrying her dog, Bella, as she was escorted by the terrorists to be transferred to the Red Cross along with 11 other hostages.

The teen had been kidnapped by the terrorists during its attack on Oct. 7, when she and her mother, Gabriela, were visiting Mia’s aunt’s house in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak for Simchat Torah celebrations.

But when Mia, Gabriela, and Clara were released on Tuesday, photos and video emerged of Mia gripping her Shih Tzu.

She was later seen cuddling up with the dog as she scrolled through her phone.

It is unclear how the dog was able to survive more than 50 days in captivity, but Ruth Marks Eglash, a reporter for Jewish Insider, said Bella has been seen by a vet and is doing well.

How is Hamas evil if they take care of your dog?

That gay bastard Pete Buttigieg tortures animals and kills them.

Hamas is friendly to animals and cares for them.