Denmark: After Someone Spray-Painted a Rock in Protest of Baby-Killing, Military Deployed to Protect Jew Baby Killers

The only things the pro-Palestine side in Denmark has done so far are graffiti and a few protests, and that’s all it took to bring in the military

This is some straight up Mr. Burns type “release the hounds” shit.

I mean – the military?

For graffiti?

Just remember what you’re allowed to do to white people. For that matter, remember the Denmark state-sponsored Koran burnings.

But Palestinian flag graffiti, in response to Jews murdering hundreds of babies per day, and they send in the tanks.

Who the fuck runs Denmark? That is to say: why do Jews run Denmark?

Because of the Holocaust?

What even is this? No one supports these Jews. No one wants them. We want them to leave our countries, to leave us alone, to let us run our own societies and governments.

This has become like slapstick comedy. It’s like “National Lampoon’s Zionist Occupation of Europe.”

The Jerusalem Post:

Denmark’s government has deployed its military to help police protect Jewish and Israeli sites as antisemitism surges there and around the world, it was announced on Saturday.

I’m so Zen, bro.

But this stuff recently, seeing the dead babies – the endless dead babies – combined with this “we must protect the Jews” and the Jews out whining talking about how they’re victims… eventually, I am going to punch a hole in the wall.

It’s just inevitable.

Soldiers will stand guard over Israel’s embassy as well as Copenhagen’s synagogue, said Denmark’s defense ministry on Saturday. “The terrorist threat against Denmark is serious,” said Peter Hummelgaard, the country’s Justice Minister. “And the conflict in the Middle East has led to a completely unacceptable rise in anti-Semitism [sic] and more uncertainty among Jews in Denmark.”


This is what they are victims of:

Someone wrote on a rock.

Send in the military.

Are the soldiers going to be burning Korans as part of their special mission to protect Jews?

How is this reality?

The need comes as police resources are stretched thin, according to Bloomberg News, due to large protests over the war in Gaza as well as events at which participants have been burning the Quran, a phenomenon seen across Scandinavia.

“I am happy,” said Hummelgaard, “that the Armed Forces are resuming support for the police’s guarding of locations in Copenhagen. It will free up more hands for other important police tasks.”

The military support is expected to begin on Wednesday, December 6. The support will be continuously evaluated, the government said.

Fuck you, Hummelgaard.

This is Hummelgaard:

He’s visibly not Jewish, and also visibly a homosexual who presumably molests kids on video.

That is how Jews do this. This is why the Justice Minister in Denmark is not doing the obvious thing, which would be to start making lists of Jews, start sanctioning them, start stripping their citizenship, in response to what is obviously a global Jewish conspiracy to hurt every non-Jew on the earth.

I think the “child sex blackmail video” thing is going to be worthless pretty soon, and maybe already is, because of AI. But these homos are still going to be in power, and will still be serving the Jews. Homos don’t have morality. They only care about young boy anus.

Here’s what Breitbart posted:

The “conservative” media being activated in support of the Jews is so insane.

Why would anyone who is conservative support the Christ-killers who push child trannies in their campaign to slaughter innocent children?

It’s lunacy.

This is all just nuts.