Country of Literally Hitler Opposes EU Membership for Ukraine

How can the Ukraine join the EU?

What does it even mean?


Kiev is “disappointed” by the “short-sighted” statements of Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg who suggested that full EU membership might not be the best option for Ukraine.

On Saturday, Schallenberg, while admitting that deepening ties with Ukraine is necessary as the EU is exporting the “Western way of life,” said that models other than full EU membership should be considered for Ukraine. He mentioned joining the European Economic Area or an association agreement as among the options.

Reacting to these comments, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko released a strong-worded statement on Sunday.

“We are disappointed by the remarks of the Austrian Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs about the European future of Ukraine. We consider them to be strategically short-sighted and not in the interests of a united Europe,” Nikolenko said, adding that Schallenberg ignores the positive view of “the vast majority” of the populations of the EU’s founding members toward Ukrainian membership.

Referring to statements by Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, Nikolenko said that the Ukrainians have already paid “too high a price” for the mistakes of European countries.

“Their biased perceptions of reality have already weakened Europe politically and economically, enabled Russia to undermine EU stability and embody hybrid aggression against European countries,” the ministry’s spokesman argued.

Nikolenko concluded his statement by emphasizing that as Ukraine has become “an outpost for the protection of EU security,” it has every reason to “demand objective recognition of its merits and strategic role for the EU.”

It’s not an outpost for EU security. That is insane. It is an outpost for EU insecurity. It’s an outpost for the US State Department to start a war with Russia as part of a Jewish world domination conspiracy.

The EU doesn’t have any dogs in this fight. Remember what Vicki Nuland said when she was taking over the Ukraine?

In a tape leaked by the FSB (presumably), Vicki, who was running the revolution in the country, said “fuck the EU.”

Vicki is still the one running the Ukraine. She was kicked out of the government during the Trump years but brought back by Biden, with her kinsman Blinken putting her in charge of the Ukraine once again.

But you don’t even need to go that deep into the lore. It’s just a basic fact that you can’t let a country that is in the middle of a very serious border conflict join any kind of political or economic union. We don’t even know where the new borders of the Ukraine are going to be.

It’s crazy Austria is the only Western European country willing to say the obvious, but kudos to them.

People on Twitter are blaming Hitler.

So I guess Hitler was right again?