Courageous YouTuber Explores the Bizarre and Disgusting Online Dating Profiles of Post-Wall Women

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2019

Your typical post-wall woman in Western society.

“Hitting the wall” is a term that is being increasingly used to describe women who have reached an age where men no longer find them sexually attractive. Many women in Western countries appear to be hitting the proverbial wall quicker than ever before. Evidence of this can found on various online dating and hook-up sites like Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Bumble.

These self-absorbed post-wall women are under the misconception that they can attract the same quality of a man that they were able to attract during their peak fertility years. And even crazier is that they think they can do this while putting in a minimal amount of effort.

A courageous YouTuber named Keith in his late 30s decided to explore and document this strange world of single post-wall women by scanning through the online dating profiles of women between the ages of 32 and 45. The results of his research were highly disturbing and confirmed what we already know about these horrific skanks. Your average man will no doubt find the results abhorrent and disgusting.

In this video he goes through Tinder and Plenty of Fish profiles in his local area of Pittsburgh.

And he did a second video going through the Bumble profiles of post-wall women in the Fort Myers area.

I’m roughly around the same age as this brave YouTuber who, in my view, did a tremendous public service by exposing how disgusting and vapid these post-wall women are. I can safely say that there was not a single woman in either of these videos who I would want anything to do with. These women offer nothing of tangible value. They’re way past their sexual prime and don’t appear to be the least bit interested in performing basic household duties. A good chunk of them also had kids from a previous relationship that you’d have to deal with. They’re highly uninteresting and boring individuals whose lives represent varying cliches of our degenerate society.

Like a parasite, these women are looking to latch on to some stupid simpish man who they can use as their personal piggy bank. It’s really quite pathetic to witness.

This is what happens to disloyal women who waste their peak fertility years having sex with hundreds of different men. Once they hit the wall, they become broken people who any decent and respectable man would want nothing to do with.