“Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team” to Crush Freedom, US Deputy Attorney General Says

Let me tell you something: no matter what any person on Twitter tells you, this is a fact: the government has the ability to sink crypto if they want to sink it.

Not permanently sink it, mind you. But they have the ability to kill our gains.

The reason they’re not doing that is very obvious: they want to keep bitcoin as a backup plan. They want to prevent a situation where they totally collapse the dollar and everyone on earth starts using the new Chinese digital yuan as a valid currency because it’s the only currently on earth with any kind of stable exchange value.

The Chinese have already finished their CBDC, they’re testing it in the wild, and they appear to have the goal of other countries adopting this currency.

The US has no CBDC, and most people in the government know that this would not really be very easy to develop. Bitcoin is there, and it’s established, and in an emergency situation, they can fall back on it as a competitor to a Chinese currency.

Plus, I think rich people want to keep the Bitcoin, because the slave token the US government is talking about is literally a slave token. Rich people will not want to do transactions using this slave token. It’s designed for vaxed-up pod-dwellers to use it to buy bug burgers and OnlyFans subscriptions, not to trade real estate or balance the books of multinational corporations.

Bezos isn’t going to be paying his rocket squads with bug burgers and OnlyFans subs. So either he can give them stock, property, or some kind of more legitimate value token. And probably, the US government doesn’t want that token to be the digital yuan.

Obviously, there’s a push among some people in the government to sink Bitcoin. But for the most part, they’re trying to keep the price artificially low, as rich people continue gobbling it up.

Now, the Bidens have their Jew of Justice going after crypto, same as he’s going after angry mothers reading homosexual pornography books for children at the PTA meeting and screaming about masks.

From the Department of Justice website:

Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco announced today the creation of a National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team (NCET), to tackle complex investigations and prosecutions of criminal misuses of cryptocurrency, particularly crimes committed by virtual currency exchanges, mixing and tumbling services, and money laundering infrastructure actors. Under the supervision of Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr., the NCET will combine s the expertise of the Department of Justice Criminal Division’s Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section (MLARS), Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) and other sections in the division, with experts detailed from U.S. Attorneys’ Offices. The team will also assist in tracing and recovery of assets lost to fraud and extortion, including cryptocurrency payments to ransomware groups.

“Today we are launching the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team to draw on the Department’s cyber and money laundering expertise to strengthen our capacity to dismantle the financial entities that enable criminal actors to flourish — and quite frankly to profit — from abusing cryptocurrency platforms” said Deputy Attorney General Monaco. “As the technology advances, so too must the Department evolve with it so that we’re poised to root out abuse on these platforms and ensure user confidence in these systems.”

So, think what you want to think about that.

Choose wisely.

The only investment advice Hoax Watch ever gives is this: don’t invest in anything you don’t believe in.

It’s a conundrum, as Jewish banking is at the core of the world order, but the Jew bankers are running a really dangerous game. High risk, high reward – complete collapse vs. total and complete enslavement of the goyim.