CUCKED: Bitchmade Bibi Cucks on Burning the Seed of Amalek, Says He Wants Pause, Humanitarian Aid

Meanwhile, in Israel…

This whole time, I somehow totally forgot to reference the Rabbinical religious directive to “burn out the seed of Amalek.”

People don’t even know about the Jews, bro. This is from

Jews have a stated religious directive to commit genocide. They called Germans Amalek, rabbis in the “Ukraine” have called Russians “Amalek,” and all of Israel identifies Palestinians and to a lesser extent all Arabs as “Amalek.”

If you ask a Jew about this (I’ve done it with every Jew I’ve ever had a conversation with), they will usually say “we don’t know who Amalek is” but will other times say outright “it’s the Palestinians.”

Since the advent of this satanic religious cult (the specific point is debatable; you could say exile after the destruction of the second temple, the murder of Christ, or any time in the 500 years before Christ, because Christ was dealing with the cult before they wrote down the Talmud/Mishna, when it was only oral, what Jesus calls “their secret teaching”), they’ve been obsessed with genociding people. Religious Jews pray to Satan every day to “wipe out the seed of Amalek.” It’s why they are so comfortable slaughtering children; they say they are commanded by their fake god (who is actually just Satan) to commit a genocide against anyone who opposes them.

Unlike the Germans or the Russians, Palestinians fit into the lore of Amalek as the seed of Esau, as Arabs claim Esau as an ancestor.

During the Afghanistan/Iraq wars, “Christian Zionist” (oxymoron, they’re not Christians) televangelists were literally teaching the Talmud constantly, and claiming it was the duty of the US Marines to help the satanic blood-guzzling kikes “burn the seed of Amalek.”

Just so you understand, I do not lie. I never lie. Bibi is saying “Amalek” in every speech to other Jews.

Here’s an article in Mother Jones written by a liberal Jew (who is presumably in a state of rebellion against his Orthodox Jew parents) about this rhetoric:

He says everything I just said, though in a gentler way, where he acts like this is some radical thing, when actually all Jews believe this, including pro-tranny rats like Jonathan Greenblatt.

This rule allows Jews to kill any children they want to kill, simply by claiming they are “burning out the seed of Amalek.”

I don’t know why I didn’t explain this earlier in the genocide, as it’s pretty relevant. I’ve explained it all before many times, but this is the explanation as to how Israel is capable of bombing hospitals and refugee camps with no remorse, and Bibi is literally saying this in every speech.

Now, however, he’s cucking like a bitch and backing down off of his total extermination agenda.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would consider “tactical little pauses” in fighting to facilitate the entry of aid or the exit of hostages from the Gaza Strip, but again rejected calls for a ceasefire despite international pressure.

Having encircled the densely populated Gaza City in the north of the enclave, where the Hamas Islamist group is based, Israel’s military said it had taken a militant compound and was set to attack fighters hiding in a warren of underground tunnels.

Good luck in the tunnels, kikes!

Good luck, rats!

Israel has bombarded the enclave since the Hamas raid on southern Israel one month ago, when its fighters killed 1,400 people and seized 240 hostages.

Gaza health officials say the Israeli assault has killed more than 10,000 Palestinians, including some 4,100 children.

Both Israel and Hamas have rebuffed mounting calls for a halt in fighting. Israel says hostages should be released first. Hamas says it will not free them nor stop fighting while Gaza is under attack.

Most insane paragraph ever???

They just think you’re so stupid.

They think you are so retarded that you are capable of believing in the concept of a “unilateral ceasefire.”

There is no definition of “ceasefire” that includes only the side that is under attack ceasing to defend themselves.

“Israel has refused to stop murdering Palestinians. Meanwhile, Hamas has also refused to do something. They have refused to get down on their knees and allow the Jews to blow their brains out, execution style. These two things are the same, and can be grouped together in one sentence.”

This just reminded me that there are literally millions of people who somehow support both the Ukraine and Palestine. Imagine being inside such a person’s head.

Netanyahu said a general ceasefire would hamper his country’s war effort, but pausing fighting for humanitarian reasons, an idea supported by Israel’s top ally the United States, would continue to be considered based on circumstances.

“As far as tactical little pauses – an hour here, an hour there – we’ve had them before. I suppose we’ll check the circumstances in order to enable goods, humanitarian goods to come in, or our hostages, individual hostages, to leave,” Netanyahu told ABC News on Monday.

“But I don’t think there’s going to be a general ceasefire.”

U.S. President Joe Biden discussed such pauses and possible hostage releases in a phone call with Netanyahu on Monday, reiterating his support for Israel while emphasising that it must protect civilians, the White House said.

Like Israel, the U.S. fears Hamas would take advantage of a full ceasefire to regroup.

Why does Joe Biden support Israel?

How the hell do liberals square that?

What reason would he possibly have, aside from the fact that his administration is totally run by Jews? The narrative is a lie, but according to the narrative, Ukrainians=Palestinians.

How does it work??? 

Netanyahu said when the conflict is over he thinks “Israel will for an indefinite period … have the overall security responsibility (in Gaza) because we’ve seen what happens when we don’t have that security responsibility.”

That’s a threat to murder UN peacekeepers. Just so you understand.

Go look up the Amalek thing.

People should periodically look up the stuff I say, so they can build trust in me.

I do not ever lie.