Terrible Oopsie! Israel Eliminated Evidence of Hamas Sexually Assaulting Women!

The Jews said for months that Russians were raping Ukrainian women, then admitted that actually they were just picking them up on Tinder.

The Gaza attack was basically a raid – Hamas went in and killed some people and grabbed some hostages and left.

It’s not really a time for rape. If anything, you would grab a hostage you wanted to rape. Although obviously, no military organization allows that, save for the various neo-Nazi militias in the Ukraine.

The most Jewish thing ever: “Oh, sorry, we accidentally deleted all the evidence of that heinous atrocity we told you about – but you can trust us that it happened, because we’re God’s chosen people.”

The Guardian:

Women’s rights groups in Israel have warned of significant failings in preserving forensic evidence that could have shone a light on the scale of sexual violence committed against women and girls in last month’s Hamas attacks.

Several incidents of sexual assault and rape from 7 October have been documented by Hamas body camera footage, CCTV, material uploaded to social media, and photographs and videos taken by civilians and first responders, according to several people involved in analysing the footage. Survivor and witness testimonies, many from the Supernova rave, describe seeing women being raped before they were shot.

Yeah, Jews. Sorry. I’ve heard a lot of Jewish eyewitness testimony, and I just don’t find it very reliable.

Many of the atrocities committed by Hamas, as well as what are believed to be civilians or criminal gangs from Gaza who also took advantage of the chaos, have been included by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in a 40-minute reel of war crimes, screened to journalists and politicians. However, the most distressing material has not been released, on the grounds that it is too difficult to watch, and to preserve the victims’ dignity.

Jews show pictures of piles of naked corpses of Jews who died from typhus at Dachau to little kids in 3rd grade.

I do not believe they are concerned about anyone’s dignity.

Further: screening something to politicians and journalists who are not allowed to have their cellphones in the room because the material is sensitive doesn’t do anything to anyone’s dignity. Especially given that the Jews are claiming the rape victims are all dead anyway.

A major worry for Israeli women’s rights groups is that it also appears that very little, if any, investigative work was done to document sexual violence before bodies were returned to their families for funerals, meaning that the gender-based nature of some of the violence has largely gone under the radar in Israeli and international media.

Tal Hochman, a government relations officer at the Israel Women’s Network, said: “Most of the women who were raped were then killed, and we will never understand the full picture, because either bodies were burned too badly or the victims were buried and the forensic evidence buried too. No samples were taken.

“Women are not believed when they report sexual violence even in normal times, and now that chance for justice and dignity has been lost. There are some survivors we are working with or are being treated privately. We also have no idea about what is happening to women currently being held by Hamas in Gaza.”

A report published by the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth suggested that much evidence from the scenes of the attacks that hit more than 20 different locations across southern Israel had not been properly photographed, preserved or forensically examined before bodies were buried, partly because the investigations were carried out by four different organisations without coordination. It also alleged that people were allowed to return to the sites too early, potentially damaging evidence.

It wouldn’t change anything if Hamas did rape someone.

However, this is very obviously just more Jewish lying: “Every bad thing happened! They did every bad thing to us for no reason!”

Just stop, Jews.

No one cares.