Stabby Brute Finally Arrested After Stabbing Spree

Stabbing them up, my nigga.

Yo my nigga, we gone get stabby out this bitch.

Hey yo, g dog, we been botta get frfr stabby up in this piece.

Yall be seen what them white did to my nigga George. They done murder his ass what for ain’t did nothing.

Yall know a nigga gots to stab.

New York Post:

A deranged serial stabber randomly attacked at least five innocent victims across two boroughs — sparking a frantic manhunt that ended with cops arresting a suspect Wednesday.

The suspected slasher — who wasn’t immediately charged or named — is believed to have stabbed a man Jan. 8, then attacked four more victims in Springfield Gardens and Jamaica, Queens this week — and he may even be tied to a Brooklyn assault Wednesday.

“We have an unidentified individual who is walking around the street randomly stabbing people with a hunting knife,” NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell said at a press briefing Wednesday evening, before cops confirmed they’d taken someone into custody.

The unprovoked attacks have had a chilling effect on the borough.

“I’ve never been nervous around here before but now I am,” said Raymond Coombs, who lives near 134th Avenue and Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, where two victims were attacked Wednesday morning.

“That’s crazy,” Coombs said. “We don’t know what’s setting him off. Is he doing this haphazardly? What the heck is setting him off to do this to people? He got nothing better to do?

A local merchant who would only give his name as Noel said the slashing spree “makes me feel unsafe in the neighborhood.

It makes me feel bad because I don’t see the reason. Why go around stabbing people like that?” he said. “It makes me a little frustrated.”

The string of random stabbings began at 6:20 p.m. on Jan. 8, when police said a 61-year-old man was knifed in the lower back while walking on 137th Avenue and 135th Street, police said.

In this incident, the suspect actually laughed in the victim’s face after he stabbed him,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said Wednesday.

Then, between Tuesday and Wednesday, the knife-wielding creep attacked a woman and three men in four more attacks in Springfield Gardens and Jamaica, according to police.

You know the victims were all white. Or at least non-black.

And you know it was some kind of thing to do with “racism.”

We won’t ever hear the guy’s story, or we’ll hear it well after everyone has forgotten about these events.

Every time I see one of these “brutish” crimes, I think of Joy Reid on TV, so smug, talking about how white people are trying to harm black people.

Bitch, what did we do to you to deserve all of this violence? No one enslaved you. You weren’t a slave, your mama was not a slave, and no one alive was a slaver.