Watch: Brutish Female Coffee Shop Employee Jumps Over Counter, Fights Manager

Aw hell nah.

She ain’t gone been did like that.

A bitch be wiling.

New York Post:

A fired Atlanta Airport coffee shop employee was caught on video attacking two of her former managers, picking up a chair and screaming at them as she stormed off before police showed up during a viral moment over the weekend.

Shacoria Elly, a former barista at Harvest & Grounds inside Concourse D at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, had gotten angry during an argument she had with a co-worker about espresso shots shortly before noon Jan. 13, according to a police report obtained by Fox 5 Atlanta.

As the video begins, Elly could be heard screaming for her stuff to be returned while some of the store’s items, including a fruit cup, are spilled on the floor.

“Give me my stuff!” she yells.

One of the store’s managers, wearing a red polo shirt, pushes her away from the counter, according to a video shared with the X account Clown World.

The irate woman tries for a second time to get behind the counter but is again blocked by the two managers before she starts flailing her arms at the second, much taller man, as two other workers stand behind the counter.

“Bitch!” Elly screams as she swiftly grabs a nearby stool.

She said it!

They always say it.

While one man takes the seat away, Elly attacks the first manager, who again stops her from getting behind the counter, before slamming her to the floor.

Elly is held from behind while still shouting for her “stuff” during the scuffle.

The distressed worker slaps the taller manager, who absorbs the hit and calmly steps in between Elly and the counter.

Elly walks away from the incident before changing her mind and sprinting back into the shop and hurdling over the counter to retrieve her items.

So, um.

We don’t see white people doing this. We don’t see Asians, Mexicans, Arabs, or Polynesians doing this.

The only people we see doing this are black.

I don’t hate black people. I’ve said that. I wish them the best.

But they are doing virtually all of the violence in the society, while also claiming to be victims of the society in a really whiny, stupid way. It’s that second part that is so outrageous.

And then there’s the part where the government allows them to commit serious violent crime, everywhere in the country, claiming that being oppressed (in this vague way no one understands or can explain) gives them the right to commit violent acts.

I don’t really care if some black bitch goes apeshit at a coffee shop and creates a viral internet video. That’s not the problem. But it is demonstrative of the problem. It reminds you of the problem.

It’s de facto illegal to talk about this situation with the blacks. You see that I am banned beyond recognition. You are banned on social media – including the Website Formerly Known as Twitter – for talking about these issues. If you form a group and try to talk about these issues, it will be totally infiltrated by the FBI, which will entrap you, blackmail you, and try to get you to commit acts of terrorism.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.