Daily Caller Tattletales on Louis Farrakhan, Gets His Anti-Vaccine Warning Banned

The Daily Caller was founded by Tucker Carlson, and used to be a news website. It was sort of a more professional version of Breitbart.

Now, however, Tucker Carlson has sold his part of the company, and it has become just another tattletale fake news outlet, trying to get people banned for criticizing Jews.

The Daily Caller recently ran a piece tattling on the Minister Louis Farrakhan for being against vaccines, demanding he be further banned from social media.

I saw that article when it was published a few days ago, and went back today to write about this.

I find today that the Daily Caller was successful in their mission: YouTube has deleted the video that they flagged in their tattletale piece.

They must be so proud of themselves, silencing this bad man who doesn’t believe the good things that the good ones are supposed to believe.

Here’s a reupload, if you want to see what he has to say – though watch it quick or download it, because they’re going to delete these when they find them.

All Conservative White People Should Support Minister Farrakhan

Black people are a serious problem in this country. They behave very poorly. If you were a white person wanting to deal with this problem, the number one sort of person you would be looking for is Louis Farrakhan.

I’m sure he’s said some nasty things about white people, but I’m not especially sensitive to that. Why Louis Farrakhan should be celebrated is that he tells black people to stop acting like niggers. He tells them to stop doing drugs, stop joining gangs, stop killing each other, stop having kids out of wedlock, stop being savages. That is his core message: black people need to shape up.

(Note that despite the name of the organization, he’s basically a Black Baptist pastor at this point – he talks a lot more about Jesus than Muhammed. This isn’t still that kook Elijah Muhammed stuff. As a Christian, I find his speaking moving.)

He was ultimately banned from most social media last year because of things he said about the Jews. Obviously, you do get banned for saying things about Jews. But I think this is also true: the ruling elite doesn’t want black leaders telling blacks to shape up, they want black leaders telling blacks that all their problems are white people’s fault.

The end goal for white Americans should be to move the blacks, by any means necessary, from their state of parasitism, into some kind of self-determination. We don’t know what that is going to look like – probably it will look like some form of segregation, and then ultimately physical separation. It would be a kind of divorce process.

The number one thing you’re going to need in that situation is people like Louis Farrakhan, who are passionate about truly empowering their own people – not the buzzword version of “empowering,” which just means “intensified parasitism on whites.”

Because of this, all conservative or right-wing whites should be implicitly supportive of Louis Farrakhan, even if they don’t agree with everything he says. The thing he is saying that matters is: “blacks need to have self-determination.” Anything that comes after that is, frankly, none of our business.

That having been said: I’ve never seen any factual matter with which I disagreed with the good minister on. He is obviously right about the Jews, and he is clearly right about these vaccines. The links in the Daily Caller are perfectly fine and rational explanations that this vaccine is not a vaccine at all, but a gene-altering experimental medical procedure.

Here’s a tweet that’s still up about the speech that Daily Caller tattled on:

Farrakhan also doesn’t totally hate white people, and works openly with white people. He’s profusely recommended the work of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has done extensive research into vaccines, and into this particular vaccine.

Farrakhan is a model black leader. He might not be perfect, but he is close enough that all white people should support him.

We need to develop a vision of what we want to do in the future. I think most people agree that immigrants must be stripped of their citizenship and if not simply sent home, which would be the case for the majority, at the very least have their privileges removed and be forced to recognize that no, this is not their country.

With the blacks, due to the shared hundreds of years of history, as well as the fact that blacks don’t have any country to go home to, we have different obligations. It’s easy for some anonymous individual with a low IQ or autism to say “we’ll just send them back to Africa! If you say anything else you’re a cuck!”, but people who promote that are living in a deluded fantasy world.

The reality is that the divorce from the blacks is going to be much more complicated, and it is going to require working with black leaders.

It is disgusting that the Daily Caller is tattletaleing on this man at all, but it is double-disgusting that they are doing it when he is telling the truth.

Shame, shame, shame.