Dave Whelan Owner of Wigan Football Club Feels Full Weight of Jewish Media After Making Innocent Comments About Jews and Chinks

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2014

Dave Whelan, the owner of Wigan football club using the word ‘chink’ is headline news in Britain.

The latest unfortunate victim of the speech police is Wigan football club owner Dave Whelan. The full video and transcript of him being interrogated by the BBC over it can be found here.

In an incredible display of arrogance, the Jewish media has been hounding the poor man, demanding he account for himself and claiming that his truthful remarks are the crime of the century, as he used the traditional English language to make them in.

All Whelan said was that Jews like to make money. It is clear from the interview that he has no understanding of why a statement like this could cause offense, because it is the truth. Are the Jewish media denying that all the banks are run by Jews? Is it only a stereotype that the head of the Fed is always Jewish?

Stereotypes would not even be stereotypes if there were no truth to them.

The full weight of the Jewish media has been focused upon him.

Clearly, Whelan is only just now starting to realise the hell that we are living in, where to speak the truth about the Jews no matter how mild, means to feel the wrath of the entire media establishment.

Pressure from the Jews has already caused one of Wigan’s sponsors to pull out, which just confirms the stereotypes of Jewish power all the more.

As well as point out the Jews love of gold, the elderly man also highlighted the insanity of being insulted by hearing the traditional and affectionate English nick-names for the various nations of the world.

What Whelan says is quite logical, he does not care if he is called a limey by Australians, so why should a Chinaman be offended if he is referred to as a chink?

I am sure he is quite correct and the Chinamen in China could not care less what they were referred to as. They refer to us as ‘White devils’ or ‘White ghosts.’ [Typically, in China, we are called “laowai,” which basically means “White nigger.” –AA] Who cares? Only an inferior creature incredibly insecure in their own character would be bothered by what someone they had never met referred to them as.

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All he did was speak a mild truth about the Jews liking to make money.

This witch hunt in the media of people who dare to use the traditional English language to describe things is going to backfire on the Jews in a big way if it hasn’t already.

People are sick of hearing how violent foreign criminals are getting away with their crimes, the same as they are angry at how big companies are not paying tax and angry at all the nonsensical wars, yet the media seem to think that what the public are most annoyed about is racial stereotypes about Jews.

There really cannot be many people left who are unaware of the hugely disproportionate power that the Jews have everywhere, especially not when the news so often makes it out to be the crime of the century when people say such mild and innocent things about them.

See the despair in his eyes in this last apology of his, where he has given up trying to explain how English people do not care what they are called: