David Sacks’ “Ukraine War for Babies” Post is Good

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m writing at too high of a level, in that I’m assuming the reader has all of this background information that I’ve written about in the past.

David Sacks recently posted a “Ukraine war for babies” article on Twitter.


The war in Ukraine is based on lies — lies about how it started, how it’s going, and how it will end.

We are told that Ukraine is winning when in fact it is losing. We are told that the war makes NATO stronger when in fact it is depleting it. We are told that Ukraine’s biggest problem is a lack of funds from the U.S. Congress when in fact the West can’t produce enough ammunition — a problem that will take years to fix. We are told that Russia is suffering greater casualties when in fact Ukraine is running out of soldiers — another problem money can’t fix.

We are told that the world is with us when in fact the Global Majority believes U.S. policy is the height of folly. We are told that there is no opportunity to make peace when in fact we have rejected multiple opportunities for a negotiated settlement. We are told that if Ukraine keeps fighting, it will improve its negotiating position when in fact the terms will only get much worse than what was already available and rejected.

Nevertheless the lies will succeed in dragging out the war. Congress will appropriate more funds. Russia will take more territory. Ukraine will mobilize more young men and women to feed into the meat grinder. Discontent will mount. Eventually there will be a crisis in Kiev and the Zelensky government will be toppled.

And then, when the war is finally lost, when the whole country lays in smoldering ruins on a funeral pyre of their own making, the liars will say “well we tried.” Having prevented any alternative, having smeared anyone who told the truth as puppets for the enemy, the liars will say “We did our best. We stood up to Putin.”

In fact, they will claim, we would have succeeded but for the fifth column of Putin apologists who stabbed the Ukrainians in the back. Then, having shifted blame and patted themselves on the back, they will blithely move on to the next war, as they moved onto Ukraine after their disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The lies are comprehensive — but they will work.

I’m not sure about how long the war is going to go on. Antony Blinken just fired Victoria Nuland, suggesting that he and Sullivan want to fully pivot to the Middle East. (Nuland is Jewish of course, but she’s a Pale of the Settlement Jew who has shown little interest in Israel and is instead just obsessed with killing Russians.)

But I think this is useful for an audience of babies who lack the most basic facts about what is going on in the Ukraine.

However, I can’t really get new readers. I have no way to do that. I am totally banned on all social media, on the search engines, and so on. There is no way for anyone to discover the site. The overwhelming majority of the readership here reads every day, or close to it.

I just assume people are following along.

Things were very different pre-2017, when my materials were aimed at people who know nothing about anything and are stumbling across the site through various ways.

But maybe I’ve gone too far in assuming people know things I’ve written before, and I should start rewriting basic things again. Or maybe I should just start finding things like this David Sacks post and reposting them, to make sure people are caught up.


Yeah, I really like David Sacks.

Will he betray me?

Idk, probably. He is Jewish. So I would just assume so. I’ve never not been betrayed by a Jew before.

But right now, he’s one of the only people with any real power actually doing anything good. And, contrary to popular belief, I do judge people by the content of their character.

Jeffrey Sachs is also pretty good. So I don’t know if maybe that name is associated with some specific family of Jews that is less nasty.

Speaking of Jeffrey Sachs, the former Fox News commentator who got red pilled at like 72, Judge Napolitano, has the only good show left on YouTube. Big recommend.

It gets a bit repetitive, since he does like three interviews a day and asks people the same questions knowing they are all going to give the same answers (other than Scott Ritters, who sometimes says really weird shit I don’t understand. Also, Aaron Mate sometimes just doesn’t understand questions and hasn’t kept up with the daily news (he has a good heart though). But John Mearsheimer, Colonel MacGregor, Sachs (my three favorites) all give the same answers to the same questions. I like Larry Johnson okay too (he also gives all the same answers to the same questions).

Regardless, I enjoy listening to the shows and they’re not too long like so many internet shows these days.

It’s not really clear why the judge hasn’t been banished to Rumble yet. But if he is, he’ll have a place there, because David Sacks is the only person with power on the internet who actually supports freedom of speech (he’s basically everything Elon Musk wishes he had the spine to be, with less than 1% of the money).