New European Boss Macron Suggests “Olympic Ceasefire” in the Ukraine?

I don’t know what to say about this.

It seems likely he’s undergoing some serious psychological problems.


French President Emmanuel Macron has said he will ask Russia for a ceasefire in Ukraine during the Summer Olympics, set to take place in Paris between July 26 and August 11.

In an interview with Ukrainian media on Saturday, Macron was asked whether France, as the host of the games this year, will follow tradition and seek “a ceasefire during the Olympics.” The journalist was apparently referring to the Olympic Truce, a period of conflict cessation which historically began seven days before the games and ended seven days after so that the athletes could safely travel to and from the Olympics.

“It will be requested,” the French leader responded.

“The rule of the host country is to move in step with the Olympic movement,” the French leader said when asked about his views on the situation in which Russian athletes are allowed to participate under a neutral flag.

”This is a message of peace. We will also follow the decision of the Olympic Committee,” he added. 

“A message of peace.”

From the guy who keeps suggesting a NATO war against Russia.

A message of peace that would hamper Russian efforts to end the war (and which the Hohols would never honor, even if Russia agreed to it, which Russia would never do).

Okay, boss.

You’re the boss now, so I guess you get to decide what sort of ridiculous things get spewed out into the public consciousness.

Might I suggest accusing Putin of being an AI?