Putin Notes That NATO Agents are Already in the Ukraine, Dying

Various special forces from NATO countries have been in the Ukraine since 2014. It’s not a big secret.


It is no secret that fighters from NATO states are present on the ground in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, arguing that these service members are facing extremely grim prospects.

Speaking to his supporters and the media on Sunday night after his landslide presidential election victory, Putin stressed that Moscow is well aware of calls in the US-led military bloc to potentially deploy troops to Ukraine.

“We hear both French and English speech there. There is nothing good in this, first of all for them, because they die there and in large numbers,” he said.

Putin also weighed in on a potential full-scale conflict between NATO and Russia, warning that it could not be ruled out. “Anything is possible in the modern world… But everyone knows that this would be one step shy of a full-scale World War III. I don’t think that anyone is interested in that.”

That is probably true.

Notice he said “I don’t think…” and did not state as an absolute matter that no one is interested in full-scale world war.

No one can really say if there are people in Washington interested in that.

But the goal is obviously regime change, which is now plainly impossible in Russia, because of the stability of the economy and the level of support for Putin. Washington still seems to believe that they can do a regime change in China by starting trouble in Taiwan, however. If they did regime change in China, Russia would presumably collapse, and global analism would triumph over the entire world.

However, if they started some kind of conflict in the Pacific, it’s very obvious, to me at least, that the Chinese would rally around Xi in the same way Russians rallied around Putin because of the Ukraine conflict.

The US is clearly and plainly hellbent on global dominance, and there just isn’t any plausible path to that. I don’t think we can totally rule out the possibility that any number of people in Washington view a full-scale world war as something on the table.

Remember: no one has any idea how the American foreign policy system works, or who makes the decisions. It’s a total black box.