Debt Deal Signed – Weeks of Stupid News Proves a Waste!

Remember: I told you there was zero chance that the US was actually going to default.

This was while the mainstream media spent like an entire month doing wall-to-wall coverage about the potential for default. Even Bloomberg was doing that (though to be fair, Bloomberg actually did have people on saying it was impossible).

I think this clearly means that there is really no reason to read any other news than the Daily Stormer.


US President Joe Biden signed a bill on Saturday that suspends Washington’s $31.4 trillion debt limit, averting what would have been a first-ever default, just two days before the deadline.

The new law lifts the debt ceiling through January 1, 2025, and caps non-military spending, among other measures.

“I just signed into law a bipartisan budget agreement that prevents a first-ever default while reducing the deficit, safeguarding Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and fulfilling our scared obligation to our veterans,” Biden wrote in a tweet.

The bipartisan debt bill passed the Senate on Thursday after moving through the House of Representatives the day before.

The looming default would have limited the US government’s ability to borrow or pay its bills. It could also have triggered financial havoc overseas, with a massive negative impact on prices and mortgage rates in other countries.

So much of the news is just a pointless jerk-off designed to distract you from other things.

It’s hard to think of any worse waste of time than following the ins and outs of the mainstream media.

Hopefully, we can now resume our crypto bull move.