Delta Variant Means Herd Immunity No Longer Possible, Head of Oxford Vaccine Group Says


We have to call off herd immunity.

The Delta variant means that the vaccine doesn’t even work at all.

(It goes without saying that Oxford is on the same payroll as Anthony Fauci, and this is an official revelation from the High Church of Science.)

The Guardian:

Reaching herd immunity is “not a possibility” with the current Delta variant, the head of the Oxford Vaccine Group has said.

Giving evidence to MPs on Tuesday, Prof Sir Andrew Pollard said the fact that vaccines did not stop the spread of Covid meant reaching the threshold for overall immunity in the population was “mythical”.

“The problem with this virus is [it is] not measles. If 95% of people were vaccinated against measles, the virus cannot transmit in the population,” he told the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on coronavirus.

“The Delta variant will still infect people who have been vaccinated. And that does mean that anyone who’s still unvaccinated at some point will meet the virus … and we don’t have anything that will [completely] stop that transmission.”

Although the existing vaccines are very effective at preventing serious Covid illness and death, they do not stop a fully vaccinated person from being infected by the virus that causes Covid-19.

The concept of herd or population immunity relies on a large majority of a population gaining immunity – either through vaccination or previous infection – which, in turn, provides indirect protection from an infectious disease for the unvaccinated and those who have never been previously infected.

Data from a recent React study conducted by Imperial College London suggests that fully vaccinated people aged 18 to 64 have about a 49% lower risk of being infected compared with unvaccinated people. The findings also indicated that fully vaccinated people were about half as likely to test positive after coming into contact with someone who had Covid (3.84%, down from 7.23%).

About 75% of all UK adults have now received both their jabs.

The time we would need to boost is if we see evidence that there was an increase in hospitalisation – or the next stage after that, which would be people dying – amongst those who are vaccinated. And that is not something we are seeing at the moment,” he said.

Even if vaccine-induced antibody levels waned, our immune systems would probably remember the vaccination for decades and offer a degree of protection if exposed to the virus, he said. “So, there isn’t any reason at this moment to panic. We’re not seeing a problem with breakthrough severe disease.”

What this means is that the entire program of using the vaxx to “get life back to normal” is canceled.

They’re announcing that lightly now, because they have to ease people into it – but there is no other possible meaning of this.

The entire stated purpose of the vaxx was to “reach herd immunity.” If that is no longer on the table, then there is no purpose to the vaxx.

This is of course exactly what Hoax Watch predicted from the beginning. It was as obvious as anything, for anyone who knows anything about anything.

You should go back and consider the people who were saying something different – telling you that this vaxx program was the end, and that it would bring back normal life. People that I used to respect were saying this, and they were giving me smug condescension when I disagreed, saying that of course “the system” must “get people back to work.”

These people are not necessarily morons, but they are delusional. Their impression about the system, and beliefs about the way it works, are childish and outdated. All of the work that was being done by the middle and lower classes served to perpetuate the middle and lower classes. If instead of a class system, you desire a new feudal order, where a tiny minority rules over a global mass of unwashed plebs, then preserving the current economic order is irrelevant, and actually, hurting your agenda.

Everyone who said this virus hoax was real, or that it would end some day, is useless. They deserve to be mocked and then dismissed.

It has been plain to us since March of 2020 that this was never going to end, and we not only said that, but explained in great detail why this was obviously and irrefutably true. Those on the right who believed in this simply refused to listen to reason, refused to engage, dismissed obvious, simple and straightforward presentations of fact showing that this virus agenda was intended as a tool to transform the earth.

Those people who excused it are not all outright shills. Some of them (perhaps most of them) are simply pathetic, weak people who could not manage, emotionally or psychologically, to confront what was happening.

They cannot deny it any more.

The overlords themselves are admitting it.

The jig is up.

You will soon start to hear about 5, 10, 15, 20 and 50 year plans to “manage the virus.”