Democratic Socialists of America Say US to Blame for Ukrainian War, Urge NATO Withdrawal

I’m not totally clear on what this means.

I guess they have to say this, but all their shills on social media are calling for blood and gore.

New York Post:

The Democratic Socialists of America blamed U.S. and NATO “imperialist expansion” for helping trigger the Russian invasion of Ukraine — provoking criticism from local political leaders.

DSA reaffirms our call for the US to withdraw from NATO and to end the imperialist expansionism that set the stage for this conflict,” the DSA said in a statement.

“While the failures of neoliberal order are clear to everyone, the ruling class is trying to build a new world, through a dystopic transition grounded in militarism, imperialism, and war. Socialists have a duty to build an alternative.”

The socialist group continued that “much of the next ten years are coming into view through this attack” and closed by saying, “no war but class war.”

The DSA’s members who are elected leaders include Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D Bronx/Queens) and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Here’s the full statement.

I assume they all support the sanctions. It’s easy to say “don’t fight Russia with weapons, just destroy their economy and fund an internal color uprising.”