Denmark: Artist Who Drew Muhammed as a Dog Given Award

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2015

lol?  I dunno.  Weird sort of degenerate art.  But still.
lol? I dunno. Weird sort of degenerate art. But still.

What is is that makes Danes so very different than Swedes? They are genetically probably about identical, they have the same basic language, and live in a similar geographical area.

But Danes are literally the diametric opposite of Swedes.  Sweden is the most invaded and self-degraded country in Europe, while Denmark is the only one which has put up any serious resistance.

Lars Vilks
Lars Vilks


A Swedish cartoonist who depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a dog has made his first public appearance since attending a debate that was targeted in a gun attack in Copenhagen last month.

Lars Vilks received a prize for courage from a free press group, at a heavily secured event in the Danish parliament.

His cartoon offended many Muslims and he now lives under guard in Sweden.

A radicalised gunman with gang links attacked the Copenhagen debate and a synagogue, killing two people.

A film-maker died in the shooting at a cafe hosting the free speech debate, while a guard was killed in the shooting outside the synagogue.

The gunman, Omar El Hussein, was later shot dead by police.

He had recently been released from prison but is not thought to have been part of a terror cell.

Mr Vilks, who has been associated with the Swedish left, received the Sappho award from the right-wing Danish Free Press Society.

Receiving the prize, Mr Vilks said he had not aimed to become a symbol of freedom of speech.

“I am an artist and my artwork is probably difficult to understand. Many have tried to understand what that dog is about. But I don’t even understand it myself.

“Some believe that it is a form of blasphemy, but I say that it is what art is all about. I show my things to the world and then the world must interpret it.”

The armed security around the prize-giving – as well as its location in parliament – shows how much Denmark has changed since the February attack, says the BBC’s Malcolm Brabant in Copenhagen.

Maybe I should see if I can get a visa to live in Denmark. I wonder how they feel about Jews?