Denmark: Burning the Koran Multiple Times a Week is Freedom of Speech, Government Claims

What the hell even is this?

I’m going to Denmark and flying a Swastika flag and burning a Talmud in front of the synagogue.

It’s free speech, right?


Five anti-Islam activists set fire to a Koran in front of the Egyptian embassy in Copenhagen on Tuesday, the third such incident in Denmark in less than a week, following Koran burnings in nearby Sweden that enraged Muslims.

Denmark and Sweden have said they deplore the burning of the Koran but cannot prevent it under rules protecting free speech. Last week, protesters in Iraq set the Swedish embassy in Baghdad ablaze.

Tuesday’s demonstration in Copenhagen by a group called “Danish Patriots” followed Koran burnings the group staged on Monday and last week in front of the Iraqi embassy. Two such incidents have taken place in Sweden over the past month.

The Danish government has condemned the burnings as “provocative and shameful acts” but says it does not have the power to block non-violent demonstrators.

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If these countries actually had freedom of speech, the Moslems might be mad, but they’d understand.

But you can’t even deny the holocaust in these countries.

Everyone knows there’s no free speech.

These Scandinavians are trying to trigger some terrorist war for reasons I do not understand.